• Terms & Conditions
    1. Fees are collected on a monthly basis and based on 4 lessons per month. At times, a 5th lesson in the month may occur. Example, 5 Sundays in the month. Unless otherwise specified, there will be 5 lessons in such cases and fees for the month will be pro-rated accordingly.
    2. Fees are to be paid by the first lesson of the month. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque or Internet Banking. Cheque payments should be made to Edventures Pte Ltd.
    3. Should fees be outstanding despite reminders, we reserve the right to cancel your child’s enrolment and release the seat to another student on the wait list. The fees for the month are still payable unless there has already been notification of withdrawal before the 1st lesson of the month. There will also be a late payment penalty of $30 should fees remain unpaid after the middle of the month.
    4. No deposit is collected as we hardly encounter a case of withdrawal. This is a goodwill gesture and we hope that in the unfortunate case of a withdrawal, 1 month notice is provided.
    5. Lessons run continuously from January to end October. Some students may be required to attend Special Holiday Catch-Up programs, usually held in June and Dec. Do note that we continue to run lessons even on public holidays.
    6. We reserve the right to postpone any class due to unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured that make-ups will be arranged accordingly.
    7. If the student cannot make it for any lesson, please inform us as early as possible and arrange for a make-up. Ideally, the make-up can take place in the same week, but if that’s not possible, student’s name will be added to the make-up list and future make-up opportunities will be arranged.
    8. Up to 3 make-ups can be arranged on a complimentary basis each quarter (for example, Jan to Mar). Exceeding this number, students have to pay an administrative fee of $30 for each additional make-up required in that quarter.
    9. Students are expected to behave responsibly at all times. Any activity which could cause disturbance to other students may result in dismissal from the class. In such case, no refund of fees will be made.
    10. Mr Kelvin Hong and Edventures Pte Ltd accepts no liability for any personal property or injury to a person.
    11. Mobile phone usage is not allowed during lessons except with Mr Hong’s permission. Full attentiveness is required.
    12. Students have to be committed to acquiring basic knowledge ie the facts of each topic from their lessons in school. (There must be some good reason to attend school!) While the basic knowledge may be reviewed in class, our focus is on developing understanding, so that theory can be applied. This is the main focus of our lessons so as to meet the highly demanding examination requirements which emphasizes higher order thinking skills.
    13. Students must be committed to completing assignments issued by Mr Hong, preferably within 2 weeks of date of issuance. More time can be granted if necessary but assignments must be completed and with decent quality.
    14. We reserve the right to deregister a student from the economics programme should conduct and attitude be unsatisfactory.