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If you haven’t heard, IB Economics just became tougher. 

There are more sub-topics. Essay questions will come from a broader range of topics. There are greater demands for real world examples and there is a new policy recommendation question based on data analysis.

Check this post for a complete analysis of the Old versus New IB Economics Syllabus.

And fret not. 

Mr Kelvin Hong is a highly experienced IB Economics tutor and about 90% of his IB students score 7 points

These are what some of his IB students have to say:

“Fortunately, under Mr Hong, I was able to brush up on the skills and techniques to ace economics. I think what was extremely helpful was his style of teaching and learning. This ensured that every student will have an opportunity to voice their thoughts about a question posed and he would address any misconception right away, benefiting the other students who could learn from the mistake of others. His timely timed practices before major examinations in school and also before the IB exams were also helpful in allowing our minds to adjust to exam conditions so that we could perform our best during exams. Without Mr Hong’s help, I doubt I would be able to get a 7 for Economics so thank you Mr Hong!”

Gabrielle Cheong, ACS Indep

“When I first joined Mr Hong’s IB Economics tuition class, I was very weak in Econs, but over time, through his engaging and interesting lessons I managed to master my fundamentals in Econs. Thanks to Mr Hong, I was able to achieve and excel in Economics.”

Chin Khar Yi, Singapore Sports School

“Lessons were rich with real world examples, while consistently relevant to the syllabus, killing two birds with one stone in preparing for exams. The dedication that goes into teaching every class is evident in the clarity of explanations and their ability to engage, which is complemented by the numerous resources provided. Most importantly, they were always delivered with sharp wit and humour, effective techniques for memorising complex concepts and frameworks, and included insightful personal experiences and knowledge. Achieving a 7 for Economics was beyond what I thought myself capable, and would not have been possible without the guidance and constant practice I received through these lessons.”

Leong Hui Jun, SOTA

Mr Hong is an amazing tutor, who does not believe in spoon-feeding his students, but guiding the students along with the thinking that economics demands us to have. This is definitely better than giving structured copy paste answers, as we never know the flexibility of the questions that can be asked. I have jumped about 2 grades, and will definitely improve more with his guidance. It is definitely his teaching that has made this possible! He never leaves any of his students behind, and tries his best to ensure that everyone is in the same pace.

Nismitha, SJI Indep

I would like to personally thank you once again for all the help you have given me from the resources, to the guided analysis each lesson, they all led to the final moment where I used all the skills you taught me and I believe I have excelled thanks to you.

Alex Lee, SJI International

More reviews can be found on this website and in Google.

2021 IB Economics Students Mon8pm Class

In addition, Mr Hong’s IB Economics Study Guides and Model Essay books are highly sought after world-wide and even bought by IB teachers and schools. That is how useful they are! Many students have also said that come exams, they ditch their textbooks and lecture notes and just focus on mugging these trusty books!

High quality model essays with powerful arguments and evaluation points. Enabled me to structure my essays well and draw effective diagrams. A must-have for every IB economics student.”

Athena Chew, ACS Indep

“The notes in the books are very clear and concise. I find them easier to learn than from the textbook. There are also model answers for IB Paper 1&2 questions, which I tend to struggle with. I have now gained a greater understanding of how to structure my answers and to use the real world examples. The books have been extremely useful.”

Luth Gafoor, SJI International

Upon coming on board, you will join a group of talented and enthusiastic counterparts in weekly 2-hour interactive lessons. Mr Hong gives each student equal practice in attempting answers to both easy and difficult questions. This ensures an all-rounded grounding in all the concepts of different Units.

He also helps students ‘spot’ questions, reiterating answers to the most commonly-asked essay questions, so it sticks in your head effortlessly after a while. His Spotted Questions Practice Exams have also been highly accurate in most years!

Mr Hong uses an interactive lesson board to give students the opportunity to type out points for essay practice and draw diagrams – practice makes perfect, after all! He corrects them immediately, explains frequent mistakes made by students, and clarifies doubts by ‘pausing’ after each practice. This helps in consolidating your understanding too.

Mr Hong’s lessons are relaxing, yet informative and entertaining. Attending the sessions for 2 hours a week gives you the much-needed grounding to firstly, keep up with your teacher in class (lessons are speedy in school!) Additionally, you are exposed to Economics in a practical manner, as Mr Hong often quips about Economics in relation to real life settings, giving you contextual knowledge and a bank of IB economics real world examples for use in exams!

Don’t forget to do your assignments. Mr Hong assigns you work that may be different from what your classmate receives, as it is tailored to what he thinks you need to work on. Think of it as an individualised segment within the normal group class. He marks them detailedly and it is really important to get practice. As the Internal Assessments form a significant weightage of your final scores, don’t forget to seek Mr Hong’s advice on that too! His students are known to perform phenomenally with his guidance!

In short, students get to enjoy:

  1. Highly effective (and entertaining) lessons!
  2. Regular and detailedly marked assignments
  3. Economics Study Guides and Model Essays that are highly sought after worldwide. Check out our sample model essays.
  4. Guidance on Internal Assessments (IA). Do check out this post on Guide to IB Economics Internal Assessments (IA) & Key Concepts as well!
  5. Economics Real World Examples Database
  6. Economics Notes, Infographics and Mindmaps
  7. Economics Songs and Concept Videos
  8. IB Economics Definitions
  9. Blog Posts on Real World Applications to Current Affairs and Sharings on economics news 
  10. Spotted Questions on Practice Exams


  1. Advice on Uni Applications (Many of our students go on to read Medicine, Law, Economics, Computer Science, Accountancy and Business)
  2. Tips on Interview Preparation (Mr Hong is both a seasoned and highly successful interviewer and interviewee)
  3. Guidance on Investments & Entrepreneurship (Who best to learn from than Mr Hong who has been a Director of more than 10 companies and interviewed by CNA, Business Times etc!)
  4. Internship Opportunities (Read the many lessons a ex-intern learnt : One Internship, Many Life Lessons

    By the way, if you are still choosing your IB school in Singapore, do check out our Guide on Best IB Schools in Singapore. And for those who have not decided between HL and SL, check out this post on IB Economics: HL or SL Economics.

    Feel free to sample the loads of economics goodies resources that all out students obtain. They are throughout our website!!!

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