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Economics tuition in Singapore is it essential or a luxury?
The fact is very few students can score A for IB & A-Level Economics.

Nationwide, only 35% do! While 80-90% of TET’s students score As!

Gain A Clearer Understanding Of Economics PLUS Answer Any Question That Is Thrown Your Way.

Singapore’s Best Economics Tuition Centre – The Economics Tutor (TET)

Welcome to The Economics Tutor (TET), the leading and many say the best IB & JC economics tuition centre in Singapore. We provide tailored tuition programmes for IB & JC Economics that are specially designed to empower you to conquer your Econs A-level & IB exams like a pro! 💪🎓.

With our dedicated team of experienced Economics tutors, our proprietary techniques, extensive resources and more — we stand ready to guide, inspire, and support you in achieving your academic goals.

We pay close attention to our students’ progress & provide personalized advice & guidance. Besides guiding you to achieve your desired grades, we also provide tips & secrets on how economics can be effectively applied to personal and professional life, as well as future investments.

With The Best Economics Tutor by your side, SCORING will be MADE TONNES EASIER. Enrol for our IB Econs and JC H2 A-Level Economics tuition classes to join us in a learning journey that’s both FUN and EFFECTIVE!

Best Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore
JC A Level Economics Tuition for H1 & H2 Econs

Singapore’s Best Economics Tuition Centre – The Economics Tutor (TET)

Welcome to The Economics Tutor (TET), the leading economics tuition centre in Singapore. We provide tailored tuition programmes for IB & JC Economics that are specially designed to empower you to conquer your Econs A-level & IB exams like a pro! 💪🎓.

With our dedicated team of experienced Economics tutors, our proprietary techniques, extensive resources and more — we stand ready to guide, inspire, and support you in achieving your academic goals


Best Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore
JC A Level Economics Tuition for H1 & H2 Econs

We pay close attention to our students’ progress & provide personalized advice & guidance. Besides guiding you to achieve your desired grades, we also provide tips & secrets on how economics can be effectively applied to personal and professional life, as well as future investments.

With The Economics Tutor by your side, SCORING will be MADE TONNES EASIER. Enrol for our IB Econs and JC H2 A-Level Economics tuition classes to join us in a learning journey that’s both FUN and EFFECTIVE!

Best Economics Tutor in Singapore

Kelvin Hong, Founder of The Economics Tutor

With over 24 years of economics tuition experience, Kelvin is a highly accomplished and probably the best Economics tutor in Singapore, who has taught thousands of IB & JC A-Level economics students.

Boasting a 1st Class Honours in Economics from NUS, Dean’s List every academic year, a recipient of University Of Singapore Economics Society Book Prize, formerly RI/RJC, government scholar, published author and award-winning valedictorian, he brings a wealth of Economics knowledge and expertise to his JC A Level Economics & IB Economics students. 

As a successful entrepreneur, he has unique expertise in Microeconomics. Such business experience is invaluable in helping students deeply understand Market Structure & Theory of Firm, arguably the most challenging of all topics. 

As the former Chairman of the National Economics Quiz Committee, Kelvin got to set questions and test JC economics students in nationwide competitions. He also was a Sponsor and Judge of 2022’s international Youth Financial Analysis Competition. These unique experiences allow him to quite accurately predict examination questions to the delight of his students.

Kelvin’s teaching style is like no other! His lessons are highly engaging, eccentric yet effective, and best of all, FUN! If you’re expecting a regular school teacher or tutor, you’re in for a surprise. Kelvin is in a league of his own!

By providing many insights, Mr Kelvin Hong helps all his economics students gain deeper understanding. He also inspires them to become future entrepreneurs & investors like himself. As he often says in class, “the best job is to be able to create jobs for others.”

Ready To Ace Your Economics? 🚀

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"Students who aren't weak would also seek out our services as they have very high aspirations, such as entering top universities, securing admissions into highly competitive programmes like Medicine and Law, or obtaining scholarships."
Interview by
The Business Times
"I had never passed Econs. Mr Hong brought me from a U to an A. His additional knowledge has provided me with the cutting edge to stand out amongst my peers...equipping me with all the core skills to answer every kind of economic question that may arise!...

In the recent A-level examinations, Mr Hong even accurately predicted the case study questions! I now have an A for Economics...He turned my worst subject into my best subject!"
Samuel Tay
Private Candidate
"Mr Hong's classes are always fun, engaging & insightful, making economics much easier to understand & internalise... The explanations from Mr Hong's classes are always detailed & clear as each individual point/argument is broken down for easy understanding.

The pace is fast but I never had to worry about falling behind because Mr Hong always makes sure we get it before moving on with his “on the spot questions/quizzes”.

He also teaches a variety of exam skills & writing techniques that aren’t usually taught in school, to write our essays in the most concise & accurate way possible in the given time. From U to A!"
Zach Bryan - JP JC
Zach Bryan (Google Reviews)
"A great teacher who taught concepts very clearly & in a way that could be remembered...Provided a lot of materials, practices & went through them with us thoroughly, making sure to highlight important key concepts & phrases which was really helpful.

Lessons were very interactive...very helpful along with the homework given!!! It's easier through the tips given to answering csq & essays, which helped me to get an A in the A levels."
Estelle Tan
"Lessons were rich with real world examples & relevant to the syllabus, killing two birds with one stone in preparing for exams. The dedication that goes into teaching every class is evident in the clarity of explanations, ability to engage & the numerous resources provided.

He always delivered with sharp wit & humour, effective techniques for memorising complex concepts, frameworks & included insightful personal experiences and knowledge.

Achieving a 7 for Economics was beyond what I thought myself capable, and would not have been possible without the guidance & constant practice I received through these lessons."
Huijun SOTA IB Econs Tuition 2018
Hui Jun (Google Reviews)
"My experience with Mr Hong’s economics tuition has been an amazing one. I always gain new insights and tips every single lesson.

Mr Hong is able to explain concepts in a way that makes it much simpler to understand and remember. He is also able to pick out the important questions to focus on and drill us with the skills essential in tackling those questions.

Mr Hong’s notes have assisted me greatly during my revision for examinations as they are very concise, yet comprises of all the key concepts and details to remember. Furthermore, Mr Hong’s enthusiasm and passion for the subject and teaching always inspires me to work hard and develop a genuine love for the subject. From being a subject i dreaded studying, to one that constantly fascinates me. I am more than grateful to Mr Hong for helping me to discover my love for economics and for achieving an A for my A-levels."
H2 Economics tuition student Cherie Ong
Cherie Ong (Google Reviews)
"I was really bad at economics when I first joined the lessons - in fact I was the lowest in my class. But Mr Hong has a lot of resources, practices and samples which helped to drill in various concepts and keywords."
Gabrielle IB Economics Tuition Class of 2016
Gabrielle Cheong (Google Reviews)
ACS Indep

Here's Some Of Kelvin's Prominent
Achievements & Accolades

In Economics

1st Class Honours In Economics (NUS) & Dean’s List Every Academic Year

NUS Valedictorian
(Valedictory Speaker at Convocation)

Paul Sherwood Memorial Book Prize
(Top in Economics for 2nd year)

University Of Singapore Economics Society Book Prize
(Top in economics for the entire undergraduate examinations)

 Singapore Government PSC Scholarship Awards
(Humanities & Merit Awards)

Raffles Institution
Merit Book Prize

(Top student in ‘O’ levels)

Finalist In International Economics Journal (Essay) Competition
NUS Silver Medalist (Awarded for 2nd most outstanding academic results in Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

4 Years Singapore Government Administrative Service
(With Economics Policymaking Experiences)

Received Offers from Both NUS & NTU
(To Join Their Economics Faculty)

Former Chairman & Judge (National Economics Quiz & International Youth Financial Analysis Competition)

Author Of JC, IB & A Level Economics Study Guides & Model Essay
(Sold Worldwide!)

“His (Mr Hong’s) academic prowess earned the respect of both his peers and his teachers.”

Jamie Reeves
– Renowned A Level Economics Teacher From RIJC
& Former Director Of Humanities Programme In RI/RIJC

Jamie Reeves (RI/RJC)
Jamie Reeves (RI/RJC)

Jamie Reeves
Renowned A Level Economics Teacher From RI Junior College 
Former Director Of Humanities Programme In RI/RJC

Why Students Choose Our Economics Tuition Programme

Real Life Experiences
& Top Qualifications

Fun & Highly Engaging Lessons

Detailed Materials
Consisting Of Step-By-Step Answers

"A"s / "7"s

24/7 WhatsApp Consultations

Customised Resources
On Important Economics Concepts

Highly Experienced
Since 1998

Tips & Tricks On How To Ace Economics

Coaching & Mentoring
Instead Of Spoon-Feeding

“When I first started JC Economics tuition with Mr Hong, I was failing in school. However, after his patient guidance and useful materials, my grades improved tremendously, eventually obtaining an A for the A Level economics examination.”

Zanna (Google Reviews)
– Raffles Institution JC


Zanna (Google Reviews)
– Raffles Institution JC

Our Unique Econs Pedagogy Designed
To Help You Achieve Your Desired Grades

IB and A Levels Economics Study Guides and Model Essays

Important Skills We Teach

Interactive & Engaging Hybrid Online Tuition Classes

(Mini Groups 4–6 pax)

Different Clusters of IB & JC Classes

Every year, most of our students come from Anglo Chinese JC, Hwa Chong JC, National JC, Raffles Institution JC, Yishun Innova JC, Victoria JC, Temasek JC, Dunman High School, Jurong Pioneer JC, Anderson Serangoon JC, Tampines Meridian JC, River Valley High, Nanyang JC, ACS Independent, SJI Independent, SJI International and Hwa Chong International. Occasionally, we receive students from Singapore Sports School, ACS International, School Of The Arts and others. Every year, we also have private candidates in our classes.

We do our best to operate 5 different clusters of tuition classes according to different syllabi and schools:

Cluster C (CJC, NYJC & VJC) Cluster D (IB-HL ) Cluster E (IB-SL )

No other tuition centre caters to that many clusters to provide the ideal, most optimal arrangement for students. For example, some mix NYJC and VJC students with RIJC and TJC students. That would be a massive mess as NYJC and VJC students do not learn “Theory of Firm and Market Structure” topic in J1 unlike for RIJC and TJC students.

At The Economics Tutor (TET), we design both class size and grouping to be most optimal for our students. We have even given our students an option of a special Hybrid of Live Online+Physical+Blended Learning to maximise learning, convenience and fun!

Our highly-interactive classes (see student reviews of our online economics tuition) allow our students to BE ENGAGED & to EASILY learn anytime & anywhere. Through our real-time online whiteboard, students get to do “hands-on” work & receive feedback instantly. This approach provides a more EFFECTIVE learning experience and allows our students to CONVENIENTLY enjoy & revise the lessons.

Unlike other tuition centres, we mostly conduct Mini Group (4-6pax) classes as we believe that this will better enrich each student’s learning. We want to see and hear from every student, every class. Chief Tutor Mr Kelvin Hong knows each student personally and closely keeps track of their progress and interacts with them regularly. Besides our Mini and Small groups (12pax), private economics tuition is also available including with our team of Senior Tutors.

In short, we do not mass produce. Every student is a VIP in our class.
As a result, we have produced top-in-cohort students from EJC, TJC, RIJC, JPJC, HCI, 
ACS Indep, ACS International & Tanglin Trust School.
There are likely more as these are only based on what we have been informed!

What’s more, group class students get 2.5-3 hours worth of lessons every week! At least 2 hours Live + More through additional video-recorded Concept Explainers that will be given to our students to stay on top of the subject every week. We operate a cutting-edge model of a Special Hybrid + Blended Learning formula that has worked extremely well for all our students.

Mini Group fees are $660/month (based on 4 lessons) Check out Fees, Group Size and Schedule.

PROVEN 10/10 FRAMEWORK Which Goes Beyond Grades

Economics Tuition Mini Group
Economics Tuition Small Group

Our Unique 10-Step Framework To EXCELLENCE

What You DoWhat We DoOur 10/10 Steps to Excellence
Talk to us! Show to us!We Identify!We perform a Needs Analysis based on your test scripts. 
Read! Watch! Note! Follow!We Simplify!Our resources complement your school lectures to help you learn the Economics theories in an easily & effectively.
Ask-cuse me ?We Clarify!You ask us & We ask you. Only then you will truly understand the theories.
Enjoy the ride!We Inspire!We help you connect, make sense, understand why you are learning & what you are learning. 
Answer leh!We Grill!We don’t feed you answers (only sometimes). We test your answers.
Left! Right! Sharper! Faster! Again! Think! Read it again!We Coach!From question analysis to application, answering techniques & time management, we coach you all the way.
Practise!!!We Perspire!By marking regular assignments detailedly & remaining contactable for all students 24/7
Press on!We Motivate!The journey can be tough, improvements may take time but we will cheer you on all the way!
Prepare!We Spot-on!Through our spookily accurate spotted practice exam questions, students gain an advantage! This has been true for both IB and A Level exams.
Charge Ahead!We go beyond GradesOur lessons build up deep & critical thinking skills, learning techniques, diligence & determination, confidence, and the application of economics for successful future careers, entrepreneurship, investments and life decision. Our alumni often seek Mr Hong’s advice on university applications, interviews and investments.

Our Wacky Resources


Meme Types of Being UnMarried


“Eccentric yet Effective!”

“Highly Ridiculous Yet Relatable and Useful Analogies!”

“One of a Kind!”



H2 economics A Level and IB Economics Infographic - Internal Economies of Scale


Seriously, It's A No Brainer !

Learn JC A Level & IB Econs Faster & Smarter

Learn JC A Level & IB Econs Faster & Smarter

Start your Economics Tuition journey today.
Master Econs for Exams & Success in life!


Number Of Students Helped

80% ~ 90%

Students Achieve ‘A’s / ‘7’s


Improvement Of Grades

Should I Study Economics?

Good question! Well, you might actually become Singapore's future Prime Minister!

Should I Attend Econs Tuition?

Economics requires strong language ability, mathematical reasoning, scientific-like explanations & higher-order thinking.

How To Choose The Best Economics Tuition?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Very good questions. Economics is quite a challenging subject. I liken it to a combination of GP+Math+Science. It is also very useful knowledge. To understand more about studying Economics in JC, read our Ultimate Guide to JC A Level Economics in Singapore.

IB and A Level Economics cover very similar topics – roughly 80% overlapping. The biggest difference lies in the examination formats and the requirement of Internal Assessment Commentaries as part of the IB coursework which will count towards the final IB result, whereas for the A Levels, it is entirely based on the A Level exams. Click on to learn more about IB Economics.

In addition, A-Level Economics is more focused on traditional economic theory, while the IB syllabus is more broad-based and interdisciplinary. IB Economics includes some aspects from other disciplines such as psychology and sociology, which are not covered in the A-Level syllabus.

A Level students taking H2 economics sit for 2 papers, while IB students taking HL economics sit for 3 papers, including a “Math paper”, which A Level students do not. A Level H1 economics students sit for 1 paper while IB SL students sit for 2. So do IB students have to do more? Not really. For example, IB students only need to do 1 essay in the exams but A Level students have to do 3!

There is stronger requirement for real-world examples to be weaved into IB economics essays than for A Levels. However, the A Levels require a lot of knowledge and examples about Singapore. IB on the other hand, has a more international focus and has Development Economics as a key topic, which is not in the A Levels.

Having said all these, Singapore A Level Economics examinations tend to be much tougher and require students to produce a lot more rigorous analysis and higher order thinking. IB papers tend to be more straightforward.

Whichever you may be taking, economics is still economics at the end of the day and the basic theories, understanding and analyses are the same. Most importantly, it will be a very lucrative learning journey for your future!

Oh come on, many students tell me they love my lessons and that the lessons are totally different from what they experienced in school…

I don’t lecture… that’s not my style. If you read many of my students’ testimonials, you will learn that lessons are highly interactive and engaging, entertaining at times etc…not lecture style! 🙂

I also do not cover content like in school. As mentioned under my Methodology, my lessons are not meant to replace school, but to supplement and build a better and deeper understanding. I also focus on training application skills and bridging the gap between theory and application. This is the higher-value added stuff that I provide.

Students must still see it as their responsibility to learn the basics from school. After all, why attend school? If I were to spend the time, just running through definitions and theoretical facts…there won’t be enough time to cover the more difficult, higher value added stuff.

Having said that, there will of course be coverage of content – to deepen understanding rather than stating basic facts. Economics Concept Videos such as those posted on the website as well as our IB & A Level Economics Study Guides & Model Essays will also enable students to efficiently revise basic facts and build understanding.

Just Singapore?!

Over the years, I have had students from the UK and other parts of the world. Orders for my economics books flow in from Europe, China and elsewhere. So please do not limit me to Singapore! 🙂

I don’t really know if I am the best, I also don’t really know if there is such a thing as the best, but one thing I know is that many students say I have been their best. You can read up their testimonials to have a better idea. Every year, a handful come to me after being with another economics tutor. So I continue to focus on being their best and most importantly, getting even better! I make sure I improve on what I do every year!

Click on for a humorous and more detailed sharing of Chief Tutor Kelvin Hong.

For a complete 10 mark essay answer to your question, please read: Best Economics Tuition or Tutor in Singapore?

Years ago, after requests by some parents, Mr Kelvin Hong started GP tuition. Lo and behold, student went from U to As! Today, we run 1 and only 1 GP class weekly. Our GP Tuition Programme is unlike others. It is specially tailored for economics students and each class only runs fortnightly. We provide an effective and efficient pathway to Ace Your GP and Economics. 🙂

Most schools move much faster than I do. I intentionally move at a slower pace. Some parents and students may not appreciate this, because that means we may not have finished covering a topic that students may be tested on in their mid-year exams. Fortunately, many students appreciate my pace because they know they are finally understanding stuff! Slow and steady, win the race! My pace is closer to RI’s, which is actually slower paced than most schools! We wonder why!

Yes, the student will be given a make-up credit and should arrange for the make-ups in coordination with Admin. We do not encourage frequent make-ups as that tends to disrupt the student’s learning. Every student will be given 3 Free Make-Up arrangements per quarter. Exceeding that, an admin fee of $30 applies.

I can!!! But I cannot guarantee that my guarantee will be guaranteed. 🙂

How to guarantee la…If I do, I will be creating a moral hazard problem (part of the A Level H2 Economics Syllabus)! Students will now study less! It’s is not going to work. Technology has not advanced so rapidly that I can successfully disguise myself and be in many schools at the same time, taking the examinations while my students are in my classroom waiting anxiously.

However, if the student does everything I tell him/her to do, I can almost guarantee it!

Uhm…who is your friend? Is he/she an economics tutor?

In some years, I am shockingly accurate and…in some years, not so. Mr Hong’s end of year Practice Exams are exclusively for my own students ie those who have slogged with me over the months and years.

If you are relying on this to score…don’t! Work harder! There is no short-cut to success! In one of the years, what I predicted for the Case study was stunningly identical to the actual exams. But there was a question that was slightly different…and the slight difference mattered a lot. Imagine if you merely rote learned the answers…A student just told me that she was not going to revise anything else except take my Practice Exams. I told her not to sign up.

Of course, I am not cheap! I am also straight and married.

Well, you can look for other tutors charging lower fees…but will that cost you or your child more in the end?

For those in genuine need of financial assistance, please let us know how we could help. We have assisted several students over the years. Please make sure it’s a genuine need. Naturally, we will need some details to be furnished.

By the way, though not cheap, our group tuition fees are also not the most expensive! Check out our post for more information on tuition fees in Singapore.

No! I do attract quite a fair bit of RI and HCI students, but my student pool is actually highly diversified. Read our students’ testimonials. There are also those from TPJC, SRJC, YJC, JJC, MI and others. They have done very well, even better than some RI and HCI students. I will not take all the credit. They have put in tremendous work to achieve those results.

There are many benefits to learning economics. Learning economics allows one to pick up critical thinking and evaluation skills, which will be useful in analysing examination questions from various perspectives.

Learning economics in Singapore also enables one to make better decisions in terms of opportunity cost and marginal analysis. Learning economics is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur, manager or business consultant. Read more about the benefits of learning economics here.

Choosing the right economics tutor is important as it is a costly investment for yourself or your children. Careful research on the tutor’s academic background, relevant experiences and the level of quality the tutor deliver for the economics tuition is crucial. Read the blog post for more insights a and a step by step guide!

You might be wondering, is economics tuition really necessary? Economics is a very new subject and most students undertaking it, has to understand the concepts of it within 2 years.

Economics is important to understand real-world concepts however due to the nature of the subject it is harder for students to relate to as there are not in the working force yet. Hence, attending economics tuition is key to understanding the concepts of economics within the time limit imposed in school.

  1. Ace Your Microeconomics
  2. Ace Your Macroeconomics
  3. Model Essays on the Singapore Economy
  4. Model Essays for IB Economics: Microeconomics Vol 1 & 2
  5. Model Essays for IB Economics: Macroeconomics Vol 1 & 2
  6. Model Essays for IB Economics: Global Economy Vol 1
  7. IB Economics Paper 3 Workbook
  8. IB Development Economics Study Guide
  9. IB Economics Digital Pack

If you are in Singapore, purchase them from us directly at Economics Publications. Those who are based elsewhere, purchase them here or from Amazon. Students of our economics programme will automatically receive the publications.

5.0 stars out of 60 Google reviews