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Find out why many say that Mr Kelvin Hong is the Best Econs Tutor in Singapore & how this could be the Best Econs Tuition

Understand detailedly how Mr Hong has Transformed Students’ Grades & even their Attitude towards learning Economics. Learn for yourself how this Economics Tuition has benefitted many students through highly customised approaches achieved through many years of experience.

Gabrielle IB Economics Tuition Class of 2016
Gabrielle Cheong, ACSI

"Skills & techniques to ace economics. Extremely helpful teaching style & timed practices. Every student has opportunity to voice out & he would address any misconception right away."

brandon econs student acjc
Brandon Ho, ACJC

"Best economics teacher! I could not bear to miss even 1 lesson! Taught application in real world & even made me a better person. My grade jumped from U to B immediately & eventually an A."

Rozalin Mohanty, VJC

"I want to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. You're a really great teacher and I can say that my true economics education took place during your classes."

Wilson Lim, TJC

Joining Mr Hong's Economics tuition was one of the best decisions I made in 2 years of JC. Mr Hong's explanations were much clearer & easier to understand compared to school lecturers."

Max Lee, NYJC

"My experiences in Mr Hong's lessons have been very enjoyable & enriching. Every lesson, he pushes us to think & work hard for the answer. Provides us with regular assignments & even tests."

Elizabeth Chia A Level Economics Tuition Class of 2014
Elizabeth Wong, HCI

"Mr Hong does detailed marking of every script and helped me completely understand & learn from my mistakes. His guidebooks and notes are an extremely important supplement to my school's notes."

Dr Daniel Lim, Timothy’s father

"Mr Hong is a very dedicated tutor. He would update me about my son's progress and would advise me on how best to help him improve. As the A levels approached,(...)

Trevor Phua, RI

"Mr Hong is a very passionate & dedicated teacher. I greatly benefitted from his lessons, which are highly interactive, fun and very personalized. Mr Hong's guidance helped me improve from an E to A."

Samuel Tay A Level Economics Tuition Class of 2014
Samuel Tay, HCI

"Mr Hong brought me from a U to an A. Suffice to say, he is the best teacher I have ever had. His wealth of knowledge on real-world economic situations certainly(...)

Marissa Chok, RI

"My grades improved dramatically, even allowing me to make the school's Dean's list for the first time! Mr Hong also gives stunningly accurate predictions about A level topics & questions.

Xue Min, YJC

"Mr Hong has been a great mentor. In class, he does not give us answers directly, but guides us in our thinking and leads us to them. This has been a major factor in my success at the 'A' level exam."

Clara Li, HCI

"Mr Hong knew our strengths & weaknesses very well & specifically targeted those concepts & techniques we couldn't grasp. He also always returned our essays with(...)

Nicole Leong, ACSI

"Mr Hong helped me achieve a 7 (top score) for my IB exam. A patient & entertaining teacher, his notes & essay spotting skills saved me numerous times. His(...)

Jeff Li A Level Economics Tuition Class of 2016
Jefferson Li, RI

"Classes with Mr Hong felt a lot better than the lectures & tutorials in school. For one, there was more emphasis on understanding. We were also taught beyond just the surface knowledge."

Vint Seng, RI

"Mr Kelvin Hong is an exceptional tutor who provides us with tips & tricks to write rigorous & extensive essays. His friendliness & hard work also extends beyond(...)

Jon Lee, AJC

"I find Mr Hong's teaching style highly effective. Unlike other teachers, his methods are example-driven. His constant appraisals & reminders to work hard have also fuelled our interest in Economics."

Kayleigh McIntyre, TJC

"It was really tough at first to understand Economics, but through the numerous classes & special techniques taught & countless practices, my grade jumped tremendously to an A!"

Nur Haidah, RI

"Mr Hong's clear explanations & frameworks helped me to quickly improve my conceptual understanding as well as my answering techniques. His questions really(...)

Cheng Guan, SRJC

"From 15th percentile all the way to 80th percentile within a few months, & eventually an A for A-levels. Mr Hong uses mindmaps & other methods to help us remember & understand much easier."

JC Econs Tuition Student Charlotte lim
Yu Yan, EJC

Economics was my weakest subject in JC. I didnt know how to approach the questions. However, after attending Mr Hong's tuition, everything has been made clearer.(...)

brandon econs student acjc
Mrs Ho, Brandon’s Mother

"After only 2 lessons, he came back & tell me that he never believed there were such great teachers until he met Mr Hong. Within a year, he went from grade "U"(...)

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Nadia Leong
Nadia Leong, MI

Mr Hong is a great tutor who is enthusiastic about teaching and he has excellent communication skills. Helped me better understand the economics concepts and improve my grades tremendously.

Nicole Hia A Level Economics Tuition Class of 2015
Nicole Hia, DHS

"Hi Mr Hong! Thank you so much for helping me get an A for H1 Econs! Even though I flunked my way through JC, you continued to encourage and push me to do(...)

Guan Zhuo, HCI

"Mr Hong was a lively teacher who always made sure everyone had clear understanding of concepts through the use of apt examples, which also made Econs fun by applying it to real life."

Cheryl Lim, NJC

"The 2 years with Mr Hong was an enriching experience. I acquired Economics skills outside of the textbook. He would mark my assignments in detail & pose(...)

Hong Meng Xing, RVHS

It was indeed a joy attending his classes! Mr Hong’s lessons were very engaging & interactive. Many concepts could be understood from a simple and single(...)

Jingwen A Level Economics Tuition Class of 2015
Jingwen, HCI

"Mr Hong is an exceptional teacher who provided examples that made concepts very applicable to the real world. Economics began to make sense & because of Mr(...)

Gerry Zhang, RI

"I enjoyed Mr Hong's classes very much as he is very engaging & interesting. I often ran out of time in school exams. Under his tutelage, I was able to sharpen my writing & get straight to the point."

Nicholas Quek, ACSI

"Mr Hong is a brilliant Economics tutor, who knows the Econs syllabus inside out. His Practice Exams are also extremely helpful, providing insights as to what may come out for the actual exams."

priya econs student tpjc
Priyanka Srikanth, TPJC

"Mr Hong is a wonderful teacher who uses many analogies to teach difficult concepts. He sees to it that we are able to answer questions under time pressure &(...)

Nicole Toh, ACJC

"Mr Hong's tuition has worked wonders. His teaching methods are very effective & easy to understand. I definitely recommend Mr Hong as a tutor to anyone who is serious about scoring in economics."

H2 Economics tuition student Cherie Ong
Cherie Ong, RI

My experience with Mr Hong has been an amazing one. I always gain new insights & tips every single lesson...Furthermore, Mr Hong’s notes have assisted me greatly(...)

Tan En Jie, Pvt Cand

"Learning is made easy & enjoyable. His study guides and hand outs comprehensively cover all aspects of the subject ensuring his students are in top form for the examination."

Clarence Tan, RI

"Mr. Hong uses various methods & tricks to ingrain within us the techniques of economic analysis. In this way, Mr. Hong helped us to convert our raw economic(...)

So Jiayu, SOTA

"Before tuition, my interest for the subject dwindled. However, after attending Mr Hong's class, I had the motivation to put in more effort. I eventually received a stellar 7 for Economics!"

Economics Tuition Student Heera 2018
Heera Fazana, ACJC

Mr Kelvin is an amazing tutor who helped me improve by leaps and bounds. Starting with U to eventually achieving an A!

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Huiwen
Koh Huiwen, DHS

Very effective and enjoyable. Concepts are explained clearly and guidebooks are extremely useful. Mr Hong was also very encouraging and patient. 10/10 would recommend.

Economics Tuition A level Singapore Class of 2017 Neo Jiajun
Neo Jiajun, TPJC

Through his wealth of real world experiences, Mr Hong conveys many insightful and effective points, which are crucial as many marks are now given for Evaluation(...)

Economics Tuition A level Singapore Class of 2017 Justin Wong
Justin Wong, RI

Mr Hong is the most engaging tutor I've had & his lessons are very inclusive & interesting. He makes economics simple to understand and easy to absorb. I am now very interested in the subject. A!

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Ryan Taw
Ryan Taw, JPJC

Your classes were challenging and you taught me to learn Econs through stimulating discussions. The thought processes and analyses really helped to understand(...)

Jarryl Tan, YJC

"My grades improved greatly (A!) as I benefited from his style of focusing on the skills required to tackle essays & case studies. Mr Hong has an extensive(...)

Sean Chan, HCI

"I was doing miserably & time was running out for me. Luckily due to Mr Hong's patience & expert guidance i was able to grasp the concepts swiftly & jumped from an S to an A."

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Jermaine Tay
Jermaine Tay, SRJC

I didn’t understand economics in any of my tutorials or lectures. Your examples are one of a kind! I look forward to every one of your lessons. A for Econs!

Charmaine Ng, VJC

"Mr Hong is a very dedicated and caring teacher. He is able to explain the Econs concepts very well and also goes the extra mile to answer questions outside of class time. Thank you Mr Hong!"

Nicole Ng A Level Economics Tuition Class of 2015
Nicole Ng, NJC

"Hello Mr Hong! I finished my 3 essays in time, for the 1st time in my life. You managed to turn Econs from a dread into something I enjoy studying!"

Zhang Qing A Level Economics Tuition Class of 2014
Zhang Qing, SAJC

"Passionate Economics Tutor who never fails to make Econs lessons engaging, interactive & informative. Mr Hong developed my interest for Economics & fostered my(...)

photo e1518173941320
Timothy Teo, SAJC

Through Mr Hong’s lessons, concepts were made easy to understand. His ridiculous, farfetched but somehow extremely relatable & fun analogies helped boost my understanding. From U to A!

Margie, Mother of Abel Tiong, SJII

"Thank you Mr Hong for helping Abel ace his exams and his Extended Essay also scored an A!"

Economics Tuition A level Singapore Class of 2017 David Vun
David Vun, SAJC

Much easier to learn from Mr Hong who helped us understand economics and how they apply to real life. His patience and encouragement really helped me too.

Khar Yi IB Economics Tuition Class of 2016
Chin Khar Yi, SSS

"Mr Hong helped brush up alot of my theory & cleared up alot of my doubts. I would not have been able to attain the top score if not for him & I'm truly grateful for his time & efforts."

Aiden Chia, ACJC

"Mr. Hong leads you step by step so that you gain a truly solid understanding of Economics. He took me from an E to an A, nothing short of spectacular!"

millennia institute
Gavin, MI

"When I first joined Mr Hong's class, I was very weak in Econs, but over time, through his engaging & interesting lessons I managed to master my fundamentals. Thanks to Mr Hong, I was able excel."

Econs tuition student Charlotte Lim
Charlotte Lim, TJC

You make concepts much easier to grasp. Your enthusiasm and passion easily transfers to your students and it made me very interested in the subject and therefore(...)

Nichole Tan, HCI

"Mr Hong is a humorous & caring teacher. He always makes the effort to ensure that we understand his explanations. In-depth & enjoyable lessons!"

Lau Shu Qing, AJC

"Fortunately, under Mr Hong, i was able to brush up on the skills and techniques to ace economics. I think what was extremely helpful was his style of teaching(...)

jane gan
Jane Gan, NYJC

Thanks to Mr Hong for all your guidance and teaching throughout my 2 years of economics journey with you. I realised that Economics was much more then simply(...)

Devanshu, VJC

My foundations in Econs improved massively. He marks them diligently,providing important feedback to improve our skills. He focuses on the skills for Econs which(...)

Huijun SOTA IB Econs Tuition 2018
Leong Huijun, SOTA

Achieving a 7 for Economics was beyond what I thought myself capable, and would not have been possible without the guidance and constant practice I received through these lessons.

Shreyas Bhargav, ACSI

The whole journey was really enriching, engaging &
. All the essay plans & notes you gave to us helped me structure my essays, with time constraints in mind."

Zanna Chng, RI

"When I first started Economics tuition with Mr Hong, I was failing in school. However, after his patient guidance & useful materials, my grades improved tremendously, eventually obtaining an A."

economics tuition a level student Ashlee Tan
Ashlee Tan, HCI

From U to A! Mr Hong is a great tutor who made learning econs interesting! He always made reference to the real world and he provides the best materials!

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Cheryl Ng
Cheryl Ng, RI

Remarkably patient...helps us not only learn but also appreciate economics. His jokes and economics-themed songs make every lesson fun!

Toon Min Li, RI

"Mr Hong has been of great help. He first focuses on the basics before moving on to a diverse & comprehensive range of questions & answers. His teaching style is(...)

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Chris Tan
Christopher Tan, RI

Mr Hong is an experienced educator with an exams-focused approach. I was confident of tackling all 6 essay question choices in the 2017 A levels, all thanks to his thorough coverage!

Timothy Lim, JJC

"Mr Hong is a very patient, committed & resourceful teacher that has helped me improve by leaps & bounds. He is able to provide students with lots of materials(...)

econs tuition singapore cjc student
Lisa Cheng, CJC

Through Mr Hong’s lessons, I am happy to say that I was able to improve vastly, and was eventually able to get an A...his detailed yet fun explanations of(...)

Udithi Bareja, ACJC

"Mr Hong helped to clarify all my misconceptions & slowly with every lesson, I became more confidentEconomics became easier for me. Thank you Mr Hong for helping me achieve an A!"

Sharan Kaur, SJII

"After just 6 months of classes that kept me challenged & actively engaged, I felt much more confident in my abilities. I owe Mr Hong a huge debt of gratitude for boosting my grades so tremendously,"

Econs tuition student Zhi Yi
Lim Zhi Yi, RIJC

Really enjoyed my time...alot of good materials...looks out for every student

jc econs tuition student's sharings
Estelle Tan, TJC

I think you are a great teacher who taught concepts very clearly and in a way that could be remembered ! All in all, you really made it easier for us to tackle(...)

JC Econs Tuition Student Damien
Damien Teo, TJC

From a really bad attitude towards economics to a much better attitude towards the subject as he made lessons enjoyable and the content relatable to our daily lives. From D to A!

ke jia economics student tjc
Ke Jia, TJC

I never thought I would get an A for H1 econs especially when i was constantly getting Us but with Mr Hong's help, it allowed me to understand and grasp the(...)

Brian Ho, ACSI

"Mr Hong's tuition helped me to succinctly express the appropriate Economics concepts and communicate in an unambiguous manner when writing essays, allowing me(...)

Nicole Chegne, TJC

"Economics has been made much easier with Mr Hong's persistent help in making the topics of discussion a whole lot more meaningful. His dedication is much appreciated."

Linus Ang, Pvt Cand

"My experience with Mr Hong was rewarding. He would push each of us & prompt us to come up with yet another answer. He inculcated a habit to explore & trained me(...)

Cheryl Chor, RI

"Mr Hong's lessons are always very detailed with clear explanations that are easily understandable. Mr Hong also provides very useful notes and model essays. Thank you Mr Hong!"

Ib Econs Tuition Student Batch 2018
Ang Junyang, ACS(Indep)

From witty jokes and explanations to relevant real-life examples, Mr Hong truly makes the subject come alive. It is no wonder that my interest in economics grew exponentially!

RI logo
Tan Jun Rong, RIJC

Very enjoyable to have econs tuition with you. I learnt to think deeper...Very grateful to have a mentor like you. Thank you sir!

Econs tuition student faith tay, NJC
Faith Tay, NJC

Mr Hong’s way of teaching allowed me to understand the concepts easily, his in-house materials...highlight key economic concepts that the examiners are looking(...)

Economics Tuition A level Student Bryan 2018
Bryan Chan, JJC

Teaches a variety of exam skills & writing techniques that aren’t usually taught in school. Through Mr Hong, I developed a respectable work ethic. From U to A!

Jc Econs Tuition student from JPJC
Evangelia Chia, JPJC

Classes were enjoyable...interesting and engaging...the practices given pushed us to apply...helped me to know my weak areas and the gaps that I need to address...fulfilling experience

Econs Tuition Student JC
Tan Yixin, Top Student, EJC

Mr Hong is a great tutor! Lessons with Mr Hong are fun and engaging. The resources are also really helpful!

economics tuition a level Nicole wan
Nicole Wan, NYJC

From discouragement to great improvement! To my surprise, I felt myself enjoying the subject more and more. I wouldn’t have been able to do so without Mr Hong’s help!