IB & JC A Level Economics Videos & Songs !


Quantity Demanded vs Demand (Quantity Supplied vs Supply)

Market Adjustment Process (Our Students Only)

This one’s for my country and countrymen!

Demand Supply Applications to Labour Market (Part 2)

Determinants of PED

Sing to Remember them!

Determinants of PES

PED / PES Explainer (Part 1)

PED / PES Applications Part 2
(Our Students Only)

PED / PES Explainer Part 3
(Our Students Only)

Rules on Cost Curves

Agri Price Floor

Consumer & Producer Surplus

Indirect Taxes
(Our Students Only)

Government Intervention

Asymmetric Information (Part 1 Adverse Selection)

Asymmetric Info (Part 2 Moral Hazard) (Our Students Only)

Cognitive Biases & Insights

Firm’s Objectives
(Our Students Only)

Cognitive Biases & Insights


Multiplier Song !!!

RGDP per capita = SOL ?
(Our Students Only)

Types of Unemployment
(Our Students Only)

Effects of Inflation on Balance of Trade (Part 1)

Effects of Inflation on Balance of Trade (Part 2)

Consequences of Inflation (Our Students ONLY)

Circular Flow of Income (Our Students ONLY)

Multiplier Process (Our Students ONLY)

These are samples of what Mr Hong provides to his students.

Info on A Level H2 Economics Syllabus

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