Tuition Drills? No!!! @ The Economics Tutor, Mr. Kelvin Hong grills, thrills & fills!

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As a JC Student, I have been through many different styles of teaching and pedagogies. There are those who provide volumes of monotonous drills…but not Mr Kelvin Hong, who
focuses on building conceptual understanding and the processes of analysis and critical thinking.

This has been a cornerstone of my journey through JC Economics Tuition with Mr Kelvin Hong. When I come to class, I prepare not for the physical, mindless, churning out of answers to endless question permutations. Rather, I prepare myself mentally for the inevitable barrage of questions from Mr Hong!!

“Why?” “Why can’t it be…?” “Ok, how does that happen?” “And so….so what?” “What does that mean?

This is the process of training Mr Hong’s students receive. Questions have their focus not on an answer to a case study or essay, but rather the understanding behind key concepts and the analytical path to arrive at the answers. Through this process of grilling, Mr Hong fills up the gaps in our content knowledge and understanding. Our brains also get wired in economics thought processes, critical for helping us provide the step-by-step explanations, elaborations and evaluation points to score well.

But that is not all. We actually have fun in the process.

thrilling experience in economics tuition with mr kelvin hong Kelvin Hong

Mr Hong has a unique, idiosyncratic way of explaining things. Who else would explain tacit collusion through a narrative of how people “meet in the shady restrooms of Newton Hawker Centre to do business!”

Mr Hong’s puns, jokes and unique methods never fail to amuse in the course of the lesson. Who else would give rules like “where the asses meet?

Personally I “saw the light” in Economics after a term of his lessons. And I am also secretly hoping he will get us to do the demand and supply dance moves again!

Such tutors that go beyond “drills” are hard to come by, and are deeply treasured. You actually learn lots here. It is no wonder why there is a waiting list for Mr Hong’s classes for JC economics tuition and IB economics tuition.

I’m glad I’m in.

Benjamin Guo, DHS

About The Economics Tutor

Founded by Kelvin Hong in 1998, The Economics Tutor is one of the leading economics tuition in Singapore. We provide a comprehensive program to guide students in understanding complex economic concepts and applying them through case study analyses, essay writing and discussion of real world events.

For 24 years, the way we teach JC Economics Tuition (A Level Economics Tuition) and IB Economics Tuition classes helped learners appreciate economics and everything it entails on a much larger scale. We take things step-by-step, implement effective techniques in memorising frameworks and give every student the chance to nurture their ideas. 

We don’t just solely focus on helping you get stellar grades and perfect scores. We make sure that we also hone the critical thinking skills and investment / business decisions you can use outside the four walls of your classroom.

Looking for a fun, engaging and probably the best economics tutor in Singapore? Look no further—check out our extensive and high quality economics resources on the website such as our IB and A Level Economics Publications

Book your lesson today and master the nuances of economics in our next class!

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