photo e1518173941320 H1 Economics Tuition Testimony Timothy Teo SAJC

Timothy Teo, SAJC


Through Mr Hong’s lessons, concepts were made easy to understand. His ridiculous, farfetched but somehow extremely relatable & fun analogies helped boost my understanding. From U to A!

I came in with my econs at a constant U around the start of j2. i couldn’t understand my schools teaching and the notes were too wordy to read. But through Mr Hong’s lessons, concepts were made easy to understand and the practices helped me to apply the concepts and gain a better grasp of the subject. Mr Hong also makes lessons rather enjoyable with his ridiculous and farfetched but somehow extremely relatable and fun analogies to further boost our understanding of the matter. Being a H1 student in a H2 class i thought i wouldnt get the entire 2 hours worth however, Mr Hong made it very clear which parts of his teachings i needed to know and which parts i didnt need to know. He also gave me extra practice whilst teaching the other H2 students which really gave a weak student like me the extra consolidation of knowledge and practice that i wouldn’t otherwise have outside of class. Overall, i really enjoyed Mr Hong’s lessons and am very thankful for his guidance in helping me improve tremendously by the time of prelims, securing me a B. And finally an A!