jane gan A Level Economics Tuition Student Jane Gan NYJC

Jane Gan, NYJC


Thanks to Mr Hong for all your guidance and teaching throughout my 2 years of economics journey with you. I realised that Economics was much more then simply memorising content. With the notes and materials u have given, I slowly began grasping the different techniques to look out for and score in both case study and essay. The assignments u …

economics tuition a level Nicole wan

Nicole Wan, NYJC


Before I started lessons with Mr Hong, I had a very weak grasp of the subject. In J1, I scored U for every exam and was very discouraged. When my mother suggested that I attend tuition for Economics at the start of J2, I was really skeptical and did not think the lessons would yield much results as I already …

economics tuition a level student Ashlee Tan

Ashlee Tan, HCI


Mr Hong is a great tutor who made learning Econs interesting for me! His lessons were detailed and he always made reference to the real world making it more applicable and easier for us to learn. He throws questions at us to get us thinking and he provides the best materials! He helped me go from a U grade to …

JC Econs Tuition Student Damien

Damien Teo, TJC


Before I enrolled in Mr Hong’s tuition, i had a really bad attitude towards economics as i just couldn’t bring myself to like the subject at all, which led me to perform poorly all the way until my prelims in which i scored a D. However, after religiously going through Mr Hong’s materials and listening intently during his lessons, i …


Hong Meng Xing, RVHS


Mr Hong’s lessons were very engaging and interactive. It has certainly helped me in my knowledge of economics and application of it to real life scenarios. Many concepts could be understood from a simple and single question. It was informative and interesting to read the materials provided by Mr Hong. This has indeed helped me in my improvement along the …