Jc Econs Tuition student from JPJC

Evangelia Chia, JPJC


Classes were enjoyable as Mr Hong made lessons interesting and engaging. The notes provided has helped to solidify the content that we have learnt and the practices given has pushed us to apply what we have learnt to answer the question. Mr Hong also marks the work assigned to us which has helped me to know my weak areas and …

Econs tuition student Zhi Yi

Lim Zhi Yi, RIJC


Really enjoyed my time being taught by Mr Hong because he does provide us with alot of good materials that ensure wide exposure and good depth of Economics, and it’s nice how he looks out for every student

jc econs tuition student's sharings

Estelle Tan, TJC


I think you are a great teacher who taught concepts very clearly and in a way that could be remembered ! i thought i understood economics concepts but i would always learn something new when i listened to your explanations again. On top of that, you provided a lot of materials and practices and went through them with us thoroughly, …

Econs Tuition Student JC

Tan Yixin, Top Student, EJC


Mr Hong is a great tutor! Lessons with Mr Hong are fun and engaging. The resources are also really helpful!

ke jia economics student tjc H1 Economics Tuition Student Kejia TJC

Ke Jia, TJC


I never thought I would get an A for H1 econs especially when i was constantly getting Us but with Mr Hong’s help, it allowed me to understand and grasp the concepts easily. He would address any questions we had on the spot and would really put in the effort to mark our assignments and give useful feedback for us …