Nicole Leong, ACSI

nick tay

"Mr Hong helped me achieve a 7 (top score) for my IB exam. A patient & entertaining teacher, his notes & essay spotting skills saved me numerous times. His classes also saved me precious time & I do advise: join early & work hard!"

“I joined Mr Hong’s Economics class in June 2014 and the vast improvement I have made speaks volume about Mr Hong’s skills. He helped me achieve a 7 (top score) for my IB exam. Mr Hong is a patient teacher who took time to explain those baffling Economics theories. He is also an entertaining teacher who tries to make lessons less boring. Do come prepared as he will ask you questions:) Mr Hong’s notes and essay spotting skills saved me numerous times too. I really enjoyed the lessons I had and the classes helped me save precious time! Thank you Mr Hong! And I do advise: join early and work hard:) You can achieve that 7 or A too”