Gabrielle IB Economics Tuition Class of 2016

Gabrielle Cheong, ACSI


"Skills & techniques to ace economics. Extremely helpful teaching style & timed practices. Every student has opportunity to voice out & he would address any misconception right away."

“Fortunately, under Mr Hong, i was able to brush up on the skills and techniques to ace economics. I think what was extremely helpful was his style of teaching and learning, and that each tuition session was limited to a few students. This ensured that every student will have an opportunity to voice their thoughts about a question posed and he would address any misconception right away, benefiting the other students who could learn from the mistake of others. His timely timed practices before major examinations in school and also before the A levels were also helpful in allowing our minds to adjust to exam conditions so that we could perform our best during exams. Without Mr Hong’s help, I doubt I would be able to get A for economics so thank you Mr Hong!”