Economics Tuition A level Student Bryan 2018

Bryan Chan, JJC


Teaches a variety of exam skills & writing techniques that aren’t usually taught in school. Through Mr Hong, I developed a respectable work ethic. From U to A!

Mr Hong’s classes are always fun, engaging and insightful, which makes the subject much easier to understand and internalise. His explanations are detailed and clear, for he breaks down each individual point/argument for easy understanding. The pace is fast, but I’ve never had to worry about falling behind because he always makes sure we all get it before moving on through “on the spot questions/quizzes”. Apart from content, he teaches a variety of exam skills and writing techniques that aren’t usually taught in school, to write our essays in the most concise and accurate way possible in the given time. It was because of Mr Hong that enabled me to learn how to craft a good ECONS essay in the given duration of the exam, develop a genuine interest in ECONS, as well as develop a respectable work ethic with regards to consistent revision! From U to A!