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Brandon Ho, ACJC

nick tay

"Best economics teacher! I could not bear to miss even 1 lesson! Taught application in real world & even made me a better person. My grade jumped from U to B immediately & eventually an A."

“I initially doubted that anything could help to improve my economics, what with my unsatisfactory grade of U for promotional exams. I was proven wrong on the first day of Mr Hong’s lessons. His use of dramatic sounds livened up the lessons and I found myself eager for more. I could not bear to miss even one lesson as I wanted to enjoy every minute of his extraordinary teachings. His constructive feedbacks and concise teachings made me understand economics and its mechanisms almost instantaneously. He also builds close rapport with students which allows students to internalise his lessons more effectively. Even after I felt that I had understood everything, he did not stop there, and taught more values to economics and its application in real world. During his lessons, I savoured all knowledge he has imparted to us, not only for the improvement in my grades, but also for making me a better person in today’s competitive world driven by demand and supply. Results also show themselves quickly. My grade jumped from U to B immediately in the next test. I am proud to say I achieved a stellar grade of A for GCE ‘A’ Levels economics of which I once never dared to dream. I strongly recommend his lessons but I have to admit one has to work hard and practice to utilise his teachings effectively. Thank you Mr Hong for being my best Economics teacher!”