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Tan Jun Rong, RIJC


Very enjoyable to have JC Economics tuition lessons with you from 2017 to 2018. I learnt to think deeper and I understood the Economics concepts better with your constant questions during lessons. You helped to build upon the basics my school tutor has taught and, in the process, strengthened them as well. Very grateful to have a mentor like you. …

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Lisa Cheng, CJC


I was always stuck at a U or S grade for every exam and had absolutely no clue about Economics at all, despite my continuous attempts. However, through Mr Hong’s lessons, I am happy to say that I was able to improve vastly, and was eventually able to get an A. I am very appreciative to Mr Hong for his …

Econs tuition student faith tay, NJC

Faith Tay, NJC


Lessons at TheEconomicsTutor have always been enjoyable. Mr Hong’s way of teaching allowed me to understand the concepts easily, such as through linking it to real life examples which were easy for me to relate to. Not to forget, his in-house materials, especially his ace your macroeconomics/microeconomics books highlight key economic concepts that the examiners are looking out for. These …