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A Definitive Guide to Tuition Rates in Singapore

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Usually, the term ‘tuition’ refers to the fees charged by universities. It’s usually the amount you have to pay to study at universities. However, in the context of Singapore, tuition is primarily about classes with tutors outside of your school. This helps students ace their examinations, achieve remarkable grades and widen their academic possibilities in the near future. Tuition classes …

Opportunity Costs : Real World Applications For Our Lives And The Economics Exams

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All economics students learn this early on: Opportunity Cost is the Value of the Next Best Alternative Foregone. (If you could not state this on your own, better check out our post on Economics Definitions.) A very important concept in economics theory and a powerful concept for life. My wife was recently considering purchasing a super-duper powerful cooking machine, an …

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Find Your IB School: Which Are The Best IB Schools in Singapore?

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Image source: Freepik If you’re a student in Singapore, you’re most likely familiar with the academic pathways you’re supposed to take. Either you attend JC A Levels, or choose the polytechnic route to get a diploma certificate.  But times are changing. The education system is now diversifying, granting parents and students better freedom of choice.  One alternative option is called …

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Find The Best JC: Ranking The List of Junior Colleges in Singapore

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Singapore’s education system is considered to be the top of its class. Over the years, it has produced the brightest young students that outperformed the rest of the world. This is partly due to its top-performing junior colleges, offering students a well-rounded education, modern facilities and many more.  But the real question is: Which one of these junior colleges is …

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Study Smarter, Not Harder: How To Study JC Economics A Level

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No matter how great and brilliant you are as a student, there comes a point where you’ll stumble upon a complex subject. This is quite true when you study JC A Level Economics in Singapore.  Since you’re probably handling various subjects all at once, staying on top of your economics class can take extra effort. Theories, concepts and government policies …


A Level JC Subject Combinations: Everything You Need To Know

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You’ve finally finished your O levels, congratulations! (Or you have just finished bumming around whilst in the Integrated Programme.) The thought of moving on to Junior College (JC)/A Levels to prepare yourself for university life has been exhilarating but overwhelming at the same time.  It’s like uncharted territory, and the rigorous syllabus you may hear of certainly does not make …