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Here are the 2022 JC cut-off points for Arts & Science / IB. We hope that this will guide in your decision making. All the best!

JCsArtsSci / IB
Anderson Serangoon JC1110
Anglo-Chinese JC98
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)5
Catholic JC1313
Dunman High School98
Eunoia JC86
Hwa Chong Institution54
Jurong Pioneer JC1614
Nanyang JC65
National JC87
Raffles Institution JC54
River Valley High School98
St. Andrew’s JC119
St. Joseph’s Institution (Independent)7
Tampines JC1313
Temasek JC98
Victoria JC87
Yishun Innova JC2020

Cut-off points may be used as a gauge of the ranking of the JC. If you are also wondering about ranking in terms of Rank Points performance, check out :

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Year-on-Year JC Cut-Off Points for Arts (2022)

Anderson Serangoon JC111112
Anglo-Chinese JC999
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Catholic JC131313
Dunman High School999
Eunoia JC888
Hwa Chong Institution555
Jurong Pioneer JC161616
Nanyang JC667
National JC888
Raffles Institution555
River Valley High School999
St. Andrew’s JC111111
St. Joseph’s Institution (Independent)
Tampines Meridian JC131313
Temasek JC9911
Victoria JC888
Yishun Innova JC202020

Year-on-Year JC Cut-Off Points for Science / IB (2022)

Anderson Serangoon JC101111
Anglo-Chinese JC888
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)555
Catholic JC131313
Dunman High School888
Eunoia JC677
Hwa Chong Institution444
Jurong Pioneer JC141515
Nanyang JC566
National JC777
Raffles Institution444
River Valley High School888
St. Andrew’s JC91010
St. Joseph’s Institution (Independent)787
Tampines Meridian JC131313
Temasek JC899
Victoria JC777
Yishun Innova JC202020

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