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Find Your IB School: Which Are The Best IB Schools in Singapore?

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If you’re a student in Singapore, you’re most likely familiar with the academic pathways you’re supposed to take. Either you attend JC A Levels, or choose the polytechnic route to get a diploma certificate. 

But times are changing. The education system is now diversifying, granting parents and students better freedom of choice. 

One alternative option is called the IB programme—one of the most in-demand educational programmes worldwide. Let’s learn more about it below and discover the best IB schools in Singapore and what they have to offer!

The Basics: What is the IB Programme?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme was founded in Switzerland back in 1968. Its original purpose was to prioritise families who travelled worldwide and wanted their kids to study an international curriculum. 

As years went by, intentions shifted. The IB programme became an avenue for moulding students into knowledgeable, empathetic citizens.

No wonder why it has developed multilingual individuals that are fully equipped to traverse a culturally diverse world throughout the years. 

In Singapore, the IB curriculum is divided into three categories or levels, including:

  • IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) – for aged 3 to 12 years old
  • IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) – for aged 11 to 16 years old
  • IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) – for aged 16 to 19 years old

Additionally, the IBDP is more academically rigorous because it offers a comprehensive educational style compared to the A Levels. It gives students a more holistic approach to education. However, they are both considered great qualifications by leading universities.

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Best IB Schools in Singapore You Should Know

Finding the best IB schools in Singapore is not a walk in the park. However, we picked out particular criteria to narrow it down for you. The best IB schools on this list have these common traits, such as:

  • They offer the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP).
  • They are one of the top IB schools in Singapore that gained high IB Diploma scores according to the Singapore IB League Table for 2022.

To easily determine which ones are at the top of the ladder, we ranked them for you! Let’s learn more about them below:

#1: Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Independent

Anglo Chinese School Independent Nov 06 ib schools in singapore
Find Your IB School: Which Are The Best IB Schools in Singapore? 10

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Computer Science
– Business Management
– Advanced Classes for Science and the Music Elective Programme
Location121 Dover Road, Singapore 139650
Average IB Diploma Score for 202242.7

A part of the ACS family of Methodist schools, Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Independent is the first local IB school in Singapore to offer the IBDP. For the past years, the institution has been a consistent top-performers in the IBDP results globally. Their students gain perfect scores, helping ACSI maintain a competitive edge over other IB schools.

Moreover, it offers both Integrated Programme (IP) and O Levels. The IP will culminate in the IBDP at the end of the 6th year, where students are not obliged to take the O Levels. 

What makes ACSI a lot more exciting is it contains eight houses in its system. It regularly hosts various events such as cross-country runs, track and field competitions, and swim meets. Outdoor learning activities are also implemented to help students build meaningful bonds and look after their communities. 

#2: St. Joseph’s Institution

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Chinese Literature
– IB Math Analysis and Approaches syllabus focusing on mathematical proofs, calculus and algebraic approaches
Location38 Malcolm Road, Singapore 308274
Average IB Diploma Score for 202242.1

Considered the third oldest secondary school in Singapore, St. Joseph Institution (SJI) has a dual-track academic system like ACSI. You may opt for the 6-year IP track leading to the IBDP in years 5 and 6, or take the 4-year O Level path. 

The school follows its three core principles in moulding students into persons of integrity: Faith, Service and Community. This is why their academic and student development programs highly focus on leadership development and character building. 

SJI has also proved their commitment to excellence with its IB examination results. Through their holistic education, it’s not surprising that they have produced distinguished leaders in both the public and private sectors. This includes Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, the former 7th President of Singapore!

#3: Tanglin Trust School

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Image Source:

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Film Studies
– Environmental Systems
– Classical Latin
Location95 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139299
Average IB Diploma Score for 202241.3

Tanglin Trust School is an international school that runs as a non-profit organisation at the same time. So far, it’s the only institution that offers a dual-learning opportunity with the A-Levels and IB Diploma in the Sixth Form. 

It teaches the British National Curriculum, tailoring its subjects for students in Singapore while maintaining the excellence of British-oriented education.

Tanglin has a five-hectare school campus that houses cutting-edge sports facilities and classrooms. Its vision to become the ‘best school in the world’ also helped them achieve remarkable results in terms of academics and IB exams!

If you want the best IB school in Singapore that will help develop your innovative thinking, Tanglin Trust School has you covered. You can also sign up for the arts programme and different sports like golf and cricket.

#4: School of the Arts Singapore

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Social & Cultural Anthropology
– Visual Arts
– MusicTheatre, Dance & Film
Location1 Zubir Said Drive, Singapore 227968
Average IB Diploma Score for 202241.1

Founded in 2008, School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) is a specialised art school. It welcomes remarkable students with a burning passion for the arts such as music, visual arts, theatre and film, among others. 

SOTA also offers a 6-year programme that allows students to choose between the IBDP or IB Career Programme.

It’s easy to assume that the school is not highly academic-centred because it mainly focuses on the art field. However, this is not entirely true. Its holistic approach to education provides every student with a combination of artistic development and academic rigour. 

According to their website, their vision revolves around helping the future generation of artists to fully realise their academic and creative potential. SOTA has also established a healthy artistic community where students collaborate through service learning activities.

#5: Hwa Chong International School

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Image Source: International Schools

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Korean as a Language A subject
– Bilingual Education for English and Chinese
Location663 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269783
Average IB Diploma Score for 202239.8

Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) comes from the elite Hwa Chong family of schools. It is one of the top IB schools in Singapore that hosts more than 20 nationalities, offering sports, boarding and recreational facilities on its campus.

One of the key strengths that HCIS possesses is a strong international curriculum that also emphasises the importance of the Chinese language. 

Most importantly, it implements a 6-year curriculum along with a 4-year Integrated Programme followed by a two-year IBDP. Students in Years 3 to 4 will take the Pre-IB programme to help them prepare in facing the rigours of IBDP through a broad-based curriculum.

You can also enjoy several annual events like Innofest and the House of Olympics to bond with other students! Sabbatical weeks, annual camps and overseas experiences also happen all year round to make the learning experience more exciting.

#6: NPS International School

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Language options including Spanish, French and Hindi. 
Location10 & 12 Chai Chee Lane, Singapore 469021 & 469022
Average IB Diploma Score for 202239.5

Pushing for a well-rounded education while still maintaining accessibility, NPS International School hosts over 15,000 students worldwide. The school aims to offer students a wide range of subjects, strengthen academic standards and uphold its strong sports culture.

NPS is known for its small class sizes, averaging 16 students per IBDP class. The parents also play a significant role in cultivating a safe, reliable school environment. 

In fact, if you become one of their students, your parents can be Class Mums and keep the parents updated with school happenings.

And to help students make the most of their IB education, they can visit different learning spaces within the campus. This includes the IB resource room, libraries, science laboratories, auditorium, art studios and a bookshop, to name a few.

#7: St Joseph’s Institution International

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Image Source: Which School Advisor

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Indonesian as a Language A (literature)
– Environmental Systems
– Sports Science
Location490 Thomson Road, Singapore 298191
Average IB Diploma Score for 202239.3

St. Joseph’s Institution International is a co-educational, international school that opened its doors to students of all religions and nationalities in 2007. It is one of the seven Lasallian schools in the country that was established back in the 1850s. 

The school emphasises spirituality and Christian moral values while still being inclusive to everyone regardless of their background. Their students have also performed well on the IB examinations, gaining a total average of 39.3 for 2022. 

But the most interesting quality of SJI International is its unique clubs that do not revolve around typical CCAs or sports. You can join street art, scuba diving, anime clubs, darts and many more!

SJI International understands that learning beyond the four corners of the classroom can also be fulfilling. So, if you want to further discover who you are, this might be the best IB school for you.

Joint #8: Dover Court International School 

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Environmental Systems and Society
– Information Technology in a Global Society
– Sports Exercises and Health Science
Location301 Dover Road, Singapore 139644
Average IB Diploma Score for 202239

Another top IB school in Singapore worth checking out is Dover Court International School (DCIS). It is a Nord Anglia Education School that uses an international syllabus based on the English National Curriculum and IPC. If you’re a fan of personalised and challenging learning, DCIS might just be the right IB school for you.

DCIS is the most ideal choice for students who excel in Science, Mathematics and the Arts. The school has connections with well-recognised universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Julliard for their arts and STEAM programmes. 

Additionally, students in the years 12 and 13 have two options: either take the IBDP or International BTEC Business Diploma. Regardless of what you choose, you will be guided by reputable teachers who have qualifications from Ireland and the UK.

Joint #8: Chatsworth International School

Unique Subjects/Offerings– English as an Additional Language Programme (EAL)
– Apple and Google school
Location72 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289760
Average IB Diploma Score for 202239

Chatsworth International School is one of the best IB schools in Singapore that mainly offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP, MYP and DP curriculum. It houses students from approximately 50 nationalities. 

Their holistic approach to education has earned them recognition from parents. Teachers wholly understand that learning experiences should also happen within the community, helping students become empathetic individuals. 

Aside from that, the school regularly invites valuable guest speakers to help children prepare for the future. 

For their IB Diploma, students have to accomplish the required Creative, Action and Service where they gain diverse life skills. You also get the opportunity to earn a Bilingual Diploma in Singapore!

#10: Dulwich College Singapore

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Sports Exercise and Health Science
– Design Technology
– Spanish, German and French
– Film Studies
– Mandarin language and literature
Location71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, 658966
Average IB Diploma Score for 202238.9

Dulwich College Singapore officially opened its doors and built a state-of-the-art campus in August 2014. Since then, the institution has focused on bringing the British independent school ethos with 400 years of innovation and excellence. 

In junior and senior school, students are required to take the English National Curriculum. This will eventually lead up to the IGCSEs in Years 8 to 11, and IBDP in the 12th and 13th years.

The school ensures students will make the most of their IB journeys by organising over 300 student activities. They primarily focus on helping children learn musical instruments and master speaking Mandarin. 

Dulwich also prides itself on offering a High Potential Learners Programme and subject banding. This is where students develop their talents by taking specific subjects.

#11: Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Blended Eastern and Western education philosophies
– Bilingual Programme
Location27 Punggol Field Walk, Singapore 828649
Average IB Diploma Score for 202238.6

Another top-performing IB school in Singapore is the Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus. Also known as GIIS Punggol, it is one of the worldwide groups of international schools based in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, UAE and Thailand.

Since its inception in 2002, the school has maintained a strong academic and sporting track. Its talented teachers have guided students to becoming technologically literate at a very young age, thanks to its advanced studios and facilities.

Their academic accomplishments are extremely noteworthy. About 90% of the students have remarkable scores in the IB examinations, earning the school an average of 38.9 this 2022. 

In fact, students who graduated from GIIS have studied at the world’s most prestigious universities like the University of Oxford, the National University of Singapore and Harvard University, among many others. 

The school also implements unique performance metrics called 7S. It helps teachers track and monitor every student’s academic progress to tailor a development plan that suits their needs. 

#12: United World College of South East Asia – East Campus

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Image Source: International Schools

Unique Subjects/Offerings– World Languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Siswati, Dzongkh and Tajik (on-demand).
– Dance
– Design Technology
– Sports Science
Location1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654 (Dover Campus)1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704 (East Campus)
Average IB Diploma Score for 202237.8

Originally known as Singapore International School, United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) is divided into two campuses: the Dover campus and the East Campus. The latter is one of the top IB schools in Singapore that gained an impressive average of 37.8.

The institution hosts more than 100 nationalities, marking their dedication to diversity and inclusivity. Students can even sign up for cultural exchanges and stay in the boarding school to truly engage with community activities.

Also, UWCSEA uses a K-12 curriculum founded on a backward design framework. This means that the teachings are broken down into key pivots, helping students understand concepts easier. 

There’s no doubt that the school has been proving its academic prowess for many years, especially in the IB exams. Besides, it is speculated that UWCSEA is the first-ever school in Asia to conduct the IBDP back in 1977. 

Joint #13: Canadian International School Singapore

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Sports and Wellness
– Theatre
– Digital Literacy
– French-English Bilingual Programme
– Chinese-English Bilingual Programme
Location7 Jurong West Street 41 Singapore 649414 (Lakeside Campus)
Average IB Diploma Score for 202237

Known for its academic rigour and pedagogical approach, Canadian International School (CIS) Singapore is committed to helping students discover their true potential. They offer a wide variety of fine arts, languages, athletics and other learning opportunities.

Their teachers highly focus on developing the skillsets of their students to guide them in navigating the 21st century. With creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, you will be encouraged to be curious and artistic. 

As a result, CIS has been a consistent top performer in the IBDP world average in the last five years. Their students have also been accepted into over 400 well-known universities around the world.

Joint #13: Overseas Family School

ib schools in singapore

Image Source: Which School Advisor

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Extensive Mother Tongue Program offering 14 different languages such as Finnish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and many more. 
Location81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore 519292
Average IB Diploma Score for 202237

Overseas Family School (OFS) is considered to be one of the first schools in Singapore to offer the International Baccalaureate programme. Its academic system is well-structured and comprehensive to accommodate students with different learning styles.

Its academic achievements are also impressive. Every year, OFS students obtain remarkable academic results, allowing them to enter leading universities—both locally and internationally. In fact, two of its students were given the Cambridge Top-in-the-World awards for scoring the highest mark in one subject during the IGCSE exams.

What makes OFS different from other IB schools in Singapore is that it doesn’t follow the usual practice of pre-selecting students into the IB programme. They give every student a chance to pursue what they wish, regardless if they make the cut or not.

And to welcome diversity and a strong school spirit, OFS offers a wide range of CCAs, sports programs and computer clubs. Lots of opportunities will be waiting for you!

Joint #15: Nexus International School Singapore

ib schools in singapore

Image Source: International Schools

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Elite Swimming Programme
– Music
– Entrepreneurship
Location1 Aljunied Walk Singapore 387293
Average IB Diploma Score for 202236

Established in 2007 by Taylor’s Schools, Nexus International School Singapore aims to promote the Nexus way of learning amongst students. They want to encourage learners to view the world from a global perspective, be innovative and understand other cultures.

Nexus has taken drastic measures to provide a better education system for its students. For instance, teachers establish open-plan Google classrooms that allow students to foster their creativity. 

Moreover, they wholeheartedly trust educators in building the design process of the school. This is why learning opportunities are extremely flexible, giving students a sense of belongingness and community.

Nexus’ IB program also prepares learners for international universities. They follow two core components: The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and The Extended Essay (EE). For example, in TOK, IB learners are tested in critical thinking through a 1,600-word essay and oral presentation. They have to analyse a certain theory and how it’s relevant to the real world.

Joint #15: XCL World Academy

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Bilingual Programme
– Visual Arts, Music and Theatre
– Sports Saturday Programme
Location2 Yishun Street 42 Singapore 768039
Average IB Diploma Score for 202236

XCL World Academy is one of the leading IB international schools in Singapore. It offers a balanced yet rigorous world-class curriculum, focusing on helping students become innovators and future leaders. Their vision is to encourage learners to grow, act and aspire to be well-rounded citizens and nurture their own voice in the long run. 

In the IB programme, students are taught how to independently write research papers, essays and presentations. The school also allows secondary school learners to collect university credits and finish university faster than they are expected to. 

What’s even more interesting about XCL is its partnerships with Savannah College of Arts & Design and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. If you meet the standards, you can pursue careers in cyber intelligence, graphic design, fashion, aeronautical engineering and business management!

#17: Stamford American International School

Unique Subjects/Offerings– Digital Learning & Technology
– Field Studies
– Performing Arts
– Athletics Program
Location1 Woodleigh Lane (off Upper Serangoon Road), Singapore 357684
Average IB Diploma Score for 202235.2

Driven with the vision to help students in creating their own futures, Stamford American International School strives to produce socially ecologically responsible citizens. They want their students to participate in a culturally diverse world while discovering their academic ambitions simultaneously.

Stamford’s IB programme develops students in becoming thoughtful and principled adults inclined to solve problems and effectively communicate. The programme is also integrated with US standards and College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Most importantly, the school acknowledges that students also need to look after their emotional needs. They have counsellors who will show support and interventions for students with specific concerns.

#18: ISS International School (Singapore)

Unique Subjects/Offerings– High School Clubs such as Chinese Reading Club
– K Pop Dance
– Origami Club
– Board Games and more. 
Location21 Preston Road Singapore 109355
Average IB Diploma Score for 202235

In a span of four decades, ISS International School Singapore prides itself in addressing the educational needs and challenges students might face. They have built a learning environment where learners are encouraged to nurture their interests, whether in academics, arts or sports. 

The school’s approach to learning is also notable. Teachers make sure that their curriculum planning and delivery are student-centred to promote active participation. In this way, learners will find it easier to thrive academically and pursue the careers they want down the road.

Final Thoughts

We understand that it might be overwhelming for young learners to make life-changing decisions regarding their academic journeys. Since there are about 40 IB schools in Singapore, how do you know which one is the best for you?

That’s why we have compiled a list of the top IB schools in the country to make the decision-making process a whole lot easier. 

Although they have several key differences, these schools have one thing in common: their goals focus on creating a learning environment that welcomes diversity, inclusion and innovation. This is to help you understand how the world works and how everything is interconnected.

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Which school has the best IB results?

According to the Singapore IB League Table for 2022, Anglo Chinese School obtained the highest IB results. It gained a total average score of 42.7.

What is a good IB score in Singapore?

Determining a good IB score in Singapore may be subjective, like any other academic qualification. However, if you’re aiming for prestigious universities like Harvard and Yale, an IB score of 36-38 points is required. 

For universities in Singapore, you also need a high IB score to get in. For example, if you’re planning to enrol in National University of Singapore (NUS), an IB score of 42 is required. This is especially important if you’re taking competitive courses like Law, Medicine and Dentistry. 

Should I do the IB or A Levels?

To choose between the IB or A Levels, you have to carefully assess your preferences. The IB programme is best suited for students who want a wider variety of subjects, address their weaknesses and get involved in a more structured learning environment. 

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to take the A Levels if you want to focus solely on a particular subject area and further develop your strengths.

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