How to Choose H2 Subjects in New JC Rank Point A Level Scoring System

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You may have read our post on the JC Rank Point A Level Grading System and need to be updated now as changes will be made from 2026 onwards.

In the new JC A Level Scoring System, the University Admission Score (UAS) will be based on 3 H2 subjects and General Paper (GP). It will be a total of 70 Rank Points instead of 90 Rank Points currently. Each H2 subject will be worth a maximum of 20 points with GP taking up the remaining 10 points.

The H1 subject and mother tongue will not be considered in the computation of the UAS unless it improves the score. Project Work will no longer be graded except for a Pass or Fail.

These are significant changes to reduce stress amongst students but it also means that students opting for highly competitive university admissions will really want to ensure they ace all H2 subjects as well as GP.

Obviously, students will want to focus a lot on the 3 H2 subjects and much less on their H1 subject. Most if not all students may also opt for 3H2s instead of 4H2s, which is still quite commonplace today. We polled some of our current JC students to gather insights as to which 3H2 subjects they would choose and whether Economics will be among them and why. This will be extremely useful for students entering JC from 2024.

Student from RI: “Economics instead of Physics. I find Physics much tougher.”

Student from RI: “Will probably drop Math. Don’t see much real world application unlike for Econs.”

Student from VJC: “Economics instead of Chemistry. Econs is a lot more interesting. I can already apply it in real life, even in gaming.

Student from VJC: “Economics instead of Literature. Lit content is not engaging and sometimes difficult to understand, skills are complicated and marking is quite inconsistent…find it difficult to pick up and score.”

Student from TJC: “Economics instead of Biology. The amount of nitty gritty content in Bio is just unbelievable. The content for Economics is lighter and easier to remember.

Student from HCI: “I would probably drop Economics. I have no talent for Econs.”

Student from NJC: “I still can’t decide. Depends on what I want to study in the Uni and I am still unsure.”

Student from EJC: “Definitely still do Economics if you are teaching. 🙂 Probably drop Math to H1, as there seems to be higher variance in performance for Math.

Student from ACJC: “Can drop GP?!”

There you go! Other replies are quite similar and we hope this is useful guidance for your choice of H2 subjects to focus on. Importantly, it is highly advisable to start your JC Economics Tuition early! The right foundation is extremely better or you will face an uphill and stressful climb. Similarly for GP, get the right coaching and plenty of regular practices early! Ace GP Tuition will be your best companion.

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