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Hi everyone!

It is discomfiting to know that COVID-19 has continued to spread, globally. Do not fear. At least, we have got live economics tuition online classes for you!

I have actually conducted economics tuition online many many years ago when I took up assignments from as far as the UK and China.

Recently, I had to resurrect this when a VJC teacher and a RI student was infected. Classes with VJC and RIJC students went online for a period of time until we were assured that there was no cluster effect in those schools. It was the responsible thing to do.

Here’s what students who attended my economics tuition online classes have to say after a few months of live online lessons!

What Students Say about our Online Classes

“It was great! It worked!” said Seth Choo from RIJC in his typical not-many-words replies. 🙂

“It was conducive and very similar to the usual physical classes. The only downside is we are not actually there and so sometimes it is abit harder to focus nearing the end of the class.” Shannen Tan, NYJC

“I think it was good because it felt like it was a normal lesson where we can ask and answer questions and the sound quality was quite good too” Lin Yee, RIJC

“The quality of the lessons were well maintained even though they were conducted online. They were good.” Jia Yuan, VJC

“The online sessions have been pretty good so far. With the use of the online whiteboard, I can check the notes from previous lessons. Other than some connection problems sometimes, the rest of it is all good!” Chloe Lai, CJC

“I feel that it is pretty much as effective as face to face and we get to save on travelling time.” Hung Wei, TJC

“I think the online lessons are still effective. Not a substantial difference from face-to-face lessons. In addition, we get to replay the videos in case we need to refresh our memory.” Eyan Goh, RIJC

“I think the online lessons may be better as it cuts down on travelling time, which can be especially critical during exam periods where time and physical condition is of essence. I also have no problems focussing during online lessons.” Eunchan, RVHS

“I think the online lessons have been better for me because I can go back and watch the videos when I revise and make more detailed notes.” Cozette Neo, SAJC

So I am convinced that it is a very good alternative to the usual “physical” classes. But it does miss out on my physical expressions as I use a lot of body language, expressions and gesticulations to get my points across and I suppose that’s why some students still prefer the face to face, and perhaps in-the-face energetic economics lessons with me – what one student, Jia Jun, from TMJC once shockingly characterised as inducing “brain orgasm”!!!

Live Online Economics Tuition + Quarterly Physical Consults

This is why the Live Online Classes are now complemented by Quarterly In-Person Consultation sessions for those who need them and as long as COVID-related regulations allow. Best of both worlds! While staying safe and enjoying highly effective and convenient weekly online economics tuition classes. This has been the proven formula till date – Jul 2022.

How to make Online Tuition Work Best for You

To enhance the effectiveness of the lessons, students need to ensure:

  • their phones are deposited in a safe faraway place, preferably the freezer!
  • their IT connections are top-notch. In fact, it would be best if they use a wired LAN connection and with little competition for bandwidth at home.
  • their PC or laptops are working fine, including the microphones and cameras.
  • their desk is sizeable enough to accommodate their PC and economics workbooks.
  • their chair is fairly comfortable and has 4 legs. 🙂
  • no-one is watching K-drama or playing the drums nearby!
  • they are ready to participate!

It is important not to compare our online lessons with those students may experience in school. Our lessons are highly engaging and interactive. It seems that other economics tuition centres have also switched online but probably few, if any, can match the way we do them.

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