Economics Tuition Singapore JC A Level (H2/H1) & IB Online

Economics Tuition Singapore JC A Level (H2/H1) & IB Online

80-90% Of Students From This Bishan Economics Tuition Centre Scored "A"s/ "7"s While Only 35% in Singapore Do So

Discover A Fun & Effective Way Ace Your Economics From The
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“When I first started JC Economics tuition with Mr Hong, I was failing in school. However, after his patient guidance and useful materials, my grades improved tremendously, eventually obtaining an A for the A level examination.”

Zanna (Google Reviews)
– Raffles Institution JC


Zanna (Google Reviews)
– Raffles Institution JC


We No Longer Provide JC Economics Tuition In Bishan. We Have Progressed to Fun & Effective Online Classes!

100% Proven By Students’ Reviews.
Fully Customised Programme For Students Looking For  JC A Level Economics Tuition in Singapore.

*Since the pandemic in 2020, The Economics Tutor no longer offers economics tuition in Bishan. Students who came to know us from Ascend Learning Centre may sign up for our online economics tuition classes. The programme structure and entire experience for our online classes are exactly the same, if not better than the physical lessons we used to conduct in Bishan. Read student reviews of our online economics tuition.


Our Classes (On-going)

2021 IB Economics Students Mon 8pm Class

Mini Group

(4 ~ 6 Pax)
$ 660 Monthly (based on 4 lessons 2.5-3hrs weekly)
  • Highly Personalised Lessons
  • Detailedly Marked Assignments (3-4)
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Consultations
  • Make Ups Available
  • Adhoc 1 to 1 *case by case basis
JC Econs Tuition Online Class Photo

Small Group

(8 ~ 12 Pax)
$ 440 Monthly (based on 4 lessons 2.5-3hrs weekly)
  • Customised Lessons
  • Detailedly Marked Assignments (1-2)
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Consultations
  • Make Ups Available
  • Adhoc 1 to 1 *case by case basis

Gain Access To Exclusive Study Materials

Insights Into Current Affairs
& Real World Examples

Highly Effective Workbooks
& Worksheets

For Student’s Only Digital Resources like Real World Examples & Mr Kelvin Hong’s Publications

Customised Notes, Infographics & Mindmaps


Our highly-interactive online classes allow students to BE ENGAGED & to EASILY learn anytime & anywhere. Also, through our real-time online whiteboard, students get to do “hands-on” work & receive feedback instantly. This approach provides students with a more EFFECTIVE learning experience, allows them to CONVENIENTLY enjoy & revise the lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Economics Tuition At Bishan

We switched to online classes in Mar 2020. Since then, we have upgraded our methods twice, and there has been no turning back. Students have found the lessons highly effective and more convenient. Lessons remain highly interactive, and we use an online whiteboard where students participate in live exercises.

As we couple our online classes with Quarterly Physical Consults (if there is demand), these consultation sessions may be held at Bishan.

Students have feedback that the online lessons are just as practical. Many students can now use the online whiteboard to interact with the teacher, which was previously only possible when conducting physical classes. In addition, it also eliminates the inconvenience to arrange for make-up classes.

Now, students can just watch the recorded lesson video to catch up with their missed lesson quickly, thus making the entire learning experience flexible.

Because of the global pandemic, online lessons have slowly become a norm. Mr Hong has conducted online tuition for economics many years ago and had only recently converted towards online classes.

According to the feedback given by many of our students, the online classes are just as effective as the usual physical classes, whereby students are still able to interact with each other and ask/answer questions during the online class. Students enrolled in our online lessons can also access the recordings from previous studies and save time on travelling compared to regular physical classes.

Some 1-1 classes may be a necessary boost for students who are weaker in grasping economics concepts. Not to worry, Mr Hong will recommend accordingly. For existing students in group classes, you can enjoy discounted fees for 1-to-1 lessons.

Some 1-1 classes may be a necessary boost for students who are weaker in grasping economics concepts. Mr Hong will recommend accordingly. Discounted fees for 1-to-1 lessons apply for existing group students.

Very good questions. Economics is quite a challenging subject. I liken it to a combination of GP+Math+Science. It is also very useful knowledge. To understand more about studying Economics in JC, read our Guide to JC A Level Economics in Singapore.

IB and A Level Economics cover very similar topics – roughly 85% overlapping. The big difference lies in the examination formats and the requirement of Internal Assessment Commentaries as part of the IB coursework which will count towards the final IB result, whereas for the A Levels, it is entirely based on the A Level exams. Click here to learn more about IB Economics.