Economics Tuition Online

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Hi everyone! It is discomfiting to know that COVID-19 has continued to spread, globally. Do not fear. At least, we have got live online economics tuition classes for you! I have actually conducted online economics tuition many many years ago when I took up assignments from as far as the UK and China. Recently, I had to resurrect this when …

How to Write a Good Economics Essay (IB Economics & JC/A Level/H2/H1 Economics)

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Many students ask “How to write a good economics essay?” This Guide to Writing an Economics Essay is applicable to both the IB economics as well as the Singapore JC/A Level H2 economics examinations. This guide contains tips for writing economics essays and is also applicable to large-mark case study questions. Thus, it is actually also applicable to H1 Economics …

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Economics Tuition; Is It Necessary and How To Make The Best Use Of It?

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Unlike other subjects, which students have been studying and building a foundation over the years, economics is a very new subject for most. There are many new concepts that students have to learn and understand in a short span of 2 years. This is in contrast with other science and humanities subjects. For those subjects, the foundation has already been …

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Economics Songs??? Can Singing Improve your Grades?

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Yes it can, according to The Economics Tutor, Mr Kelvin Hong, who produces Economics Songs. In his economics tuition classes, students are highly encouraged to revise their economic concepts and the explanations needed to score well in the examinations through the songs that Mr Hong has composed. Currently, he has titles on the Market adjustment process, Price Elasticity of Demand, …