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Find The Best JC: Ranking The List of Junior Colleges in Singapore

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best jc class in Singapore

Singapore’s education system is considered to be the top of its class. Over the years, it has produced the brightest young students that outperformed the rest of the world. This is partly due to its top-performing junior colleges, offering students a well-rounded education, modern facilities and many more. 

But the real question is: Which one of these junior colleges is the best JC in Singapore? This search can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

You have so many options on your end, so we have decided to help you out! If you’re looking for a great JC to make the most of your A-Levels, then you’re in the right place. If you are still uncertain as to whether to go the A Level or IB route, do check out our post on A Levels or IB.

Here, we’ll talk about what junior college is all about, the best JCs in the country based on the A-Level results and what you should consider before you call the shots. Let’s get straight into it!

JC in Singapore: What It Is and Why It’s Important

To give you a context, junior college is the stepping stone for students who want to pursue a University degree in the future. 

They are pre-university institutions that offer the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level examination. It covers a comprehensive range of subjects like Mathematics, the English Language, Science and Economics, among others.

To qualify for JC admission, you must have a gross L1R5 aggregate score of 20 and below and meet subject requirements. You may visit here to determine your eligibility.

Think of it as an opportunity to truly know what you want to pursue in your academic journey. You have two years to study various subjects in greater depth, helping you set a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

Since junior colleges offer an impressive blend of project work and academic training, you will be prepared for university life and the workforce. 

JC graduation

Ranking of JCs in Singapore: Which Is The Best JC?

Of course, figuring out which junior college is the best in the country can be subjective. It varies from person to person. Besides, these schools have their own strengths that cater to students with different skills, abilities and preferred JC subject combinations, to name a few.

We decided to rank the leading JCs in the country by their A-Level results as per’s report with some modifications. We also mention their JC cut-off points for 2022 to help you in your decision-making. Do note that this is done to the best of our ability based on information available to us and we do not guarantee 100% accuracy. If necessary, please do your own independent checks.

Let’s dive into this list of Junior Colleges rankings in Singapore and also learn more about their histories, offerings and programs:

Joint #1: Raffles Institution

Key Programmes– Character and Leadership Programmes
– Regional Studies Programmes
– Business Leaders Programme
– Raffles Boarding Programmes
– Cross-Cultural Programmes
LocationAdministrative Centre, One Raffles Institution Lane, Singapore 575954

Based on the 2022 A-Level results, this is the best JC. It has a mean rank point (RP) of 85 and 32% of its student body scored 90. 

For 2022, the cut-off point for the Arts stream is 5 and 4 for the Science stream. 

Popularly known as RI, Raffles Institution is Singapore’s oldest institution founded in 1823. It has two campuses—one is for Junior College while the other is for Secondary School.

Moreover, it is considered to have the brightest, high-achieving students in the country. 

Several of their distinguished alumni have worked in significant positions within the public, private and non-profit sectors. They have made remarkable contributions to their country and the rest of the world through their strong leadership. 

Its impressive reputation is also being recognised beyond the borders of Singapore, reaching international students in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Joint #1: Hwa Chong Institution

Key Programmes– Gifted Education Programme
– Sabbatical Programme
– Values Education
LocationHwa Chong Institution, 661 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269734

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) can also be considered the best JC alongside RI. It achieved a mean rank point of 85.2% and 30% of the students gained 90 RP based on the 2022 A-Level Results.

It also has the same 2022 JC cut-off points of 4 for the Arts stream and 5 for the Science stream, making it another number-one college on this list.

The institution is best known for its dedication to values education. Its mission is to uphold an educational philosophy that focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship and critical thinking. 

If the students leave the school knowing how to start their own businesses, supervise teams and think critically, they can adapt to an ever-changing world with little to no trouble. 

Moreover, HCI has been recognised for its pioneering research in various sectors. Its research-based curriculum encourages students to nurture their passion and explore possibilities to keep up with a knowledge-based society. 

Joint #3: Nanyang Junior College

Key Programmes– Civics Education
– ECG Programmes
– Talent Development Programme
Location128 Serangoon Avenue 3, Singapore 556111

Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) places at third rank, among the best JCs in the country. As of 2022, the institution achieved an average RP of 85 during the A-Levels examinations. 60% of its students also gained a score ranging from 85 to 90. 

It has a cut-off point of 6 for the Arts stream and 5 for the Science stream for the year 2022. 

It has long been established that students go to NYJC because of their core business of Teaching and Learning (T & L). The institution has built a learning community where students are taught how to be empowered consumers capable of making rational decisions about their health. 

What makes the institution even more appealing is that it emphasises that teachers and students should love what they do in school. Education should not be limited to test papers and homework alone. 

They have over 150 subject choices and a wide range of extracurricular activities. This is why their approach to learning is holistic, helping learners flourish despite the pressure of the future and the world they will soon explore in the long run. 

To further nurture students’ character and leadership development, NYJC has also established a special conceptual model called Managing Self Leading Others (MSLO). 

Joint #3: Victoria Junior College

Key Programmes– Talent Development Programme
– Higher Education & Career Guidance
– Academic Discipline
Location20 Marine Vista Singapore 449035

Known as a co-educational junior college in Singapore, Victoria Junior College (VJC) was established in the 1970s. It was proposed by distinguished Victorians like Mr Ong Teong Pin, Mr Wong Hung Khim and Mr Foo Kok Swee. 

This started a remarkable history in Victoria. VJC opened new possibilities in the field of education, making them a hub for cultural, academic and athletic excellence, among others. 

The institution also kickstarted various collaborative projects with government agencies, parents, alumni and Victoria Cedar Alliance partner schools. This aims to give Victorias a chance to explore and gain knowledge outside the four walls of the classroom. 

Victoria Junior College has an official cut-off point of 8 for Arts and 7 for Science this 2022. They also performed well on the 2022 A-Level exams with an average RP of 85. 50% of their students scored 85 to 90, making them the Joint 3rd best JC alongside NYJC.

Joint #5: Dunman High School

Key Programmes– Music Elective Programme
– English and Chinese Language Education
– Dunman High Program
Location10 Tanjong Rhu Rd, Singapore 436895

Previously known as Dunman Government Chinese Middle School, Dunman High School is an independent, co-educational school that offers the Integrated Programme. It is specifically called the Dunman High Programme (DHP) where students are allowed to skip the O Level tests and directly study for the A Levels.

No wonder why it ranks 5th (with 4 other JCs) based on the 2022 A Level results, having a mean RP of 81.9. 14% of its students scored 90, while 50% scored 85 – 90. It prides itself as one of the best JCs in Singapore that consistently tops the rankings among its coeducational competitors.

In 1979, it was picked as one of the nine Special Assistance Plan (SAP) secondary schools. It started providing Chinese and English language education at the primary level. 

Three years later, it also kickstarted the program called the Music Elective Programme (MEP) for musically gifted students across the country.

As of 2022, it has a cut-off point of 9 for the Arts stream and 8 for the Science stream.

Joint #5: Eunoia Junior College

Key Programmes– Flagship Programmes
– Special Programmes
– Student Development
Location2 Sin Ming Place, Singapore 573838

With a mean rank point of 82.4, Eunoia Junior College also places 5th rank (with 4 other JCs) on the list. For 2022, it has a cut-off point of 8 for Arts and 6 for Science.

The school started when three recognised institutions—Catholic High School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School—decided to collaborate. These schools carry a century of moral and academic excellence that moulds students into competent and virtuous individuals. 

In rhetoric, the term ‘eunoia’ means beautiful thinking and goodwill towards an audience. As you can see, the name also has the five vowels of the English alphabet to symbolise completeness and universality in their education. 

It is their aim to personalise the learning experience for every student. Their flagship programmes such as passion pursuit and life-coaching programme allow students to discover their interests and pave their own paths to take. 

They receive the guidance of capable mentors in pursuing a life that lets them uphold their wisdom and life-long learnings. Your teachers will encourage you to build a culture where you can change your own life and the people around you. For Eunoia Junior College, the sky is the limit!

Joint #5: National Junior College

Key Programmes– Civics Education
– Co-Curricular Programmes
– Niche Programmes
Location37 Hillcrest Road, Singapore 288913

Another JC in Singapore that ranks 5th place is National Junior College. As of 2022, the school has an official cut-off point of 8 for Arts and 7 for Science. 40% of its student body also scored 85-90 RP, rewarding them with a median rank point of 83.75. 

On May 14, 1970, National JC became the first-ever junior college in the country. It was officially opened by then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Kew, the school pioneered the junior college model in the entire Republic. This, in turn, has made them the basis for the junior colleges built and established in the following years.

When it was established in 1969, the institution’s goal was to centralise the two-year pre-university course for all language streams using the best resources available. Their civics, academics and co-curricular activities share the same goal: nurture a new generation of brilliant minds with social perspectives aligned with Singapore’s culture. 

Joint #5: Temasek Junior College

Key Programmes– Flagship Programmes
– Student Leadership Development
– Character & Citizenship Education
Location22 Bedok South Road, Singapore 469278

Also placing 5th on the list (with 4 other JCs), 40% of Temasek Junior College’s students gained 85-90 based on the A-Levels with a mean rank point of 81+. It also has a cut-off point of 9 for Arts and 8 for Science this 2022.

They might not be at the top of this list, but this JC is known for its utmost dedication to supporting its students in the pursuit of greatness. Their staff is highly trained in helping practitioners develop their intellect, leadership skills and character.

This is referred to as the ‘Temasek Excellence.’

Thanks to Temasek’s well-researched programmes, students get the chance to gain experience through internships and other job opportunities—both locally and internationally. 

And if you’re someone who’s passionate about debating, Temasek might be the choice for you! The school organises academic debates and competitions to further hone their students’ rhetoric, confidence and critical thinking. You also have the chance to start your own projects, helping you actualise your goals and dreams in the process. 

Another important thing about Temasek is that it’s been dubbed the ‘Botanic Garden of the East’. It has a distinctive architectural style that strives to remember and uphold centuries-long traditions. 

Joint #5: River Valley High School

Key Programmes– Civic Literacy and Global Awareness Development Curriculum
– Leadership-Character Development Curriculum (LCDC)
– Cognitive-Interest Development Curriculum (CIDC)
Location6 Boon Lay Avenue Singapore 649961

Launched in 1956, River Valley High School is known for being an academic institution that aims to honour its history and Eastern traditions. By teaching Chinese and English, its goal is to make each student bilingual and bicultural. 

As of 2022, it has a cut-off point of 9 for Arts and 8 for Science.

The institution’s dedication to giving students a well-rounded education remains unparalleled. The students are given the chance to achieve their full potential in social, intellectual, emotional and moral aspects. 

Moreover, the school’s Balanced Education Curriculum (BEC) moulds great character, competent leadership and critical thinking, among others. 

This is why it has already collected several prestigious awards while nurturing Singaporeans from different generations in the past 55 years. In fact, the 2022 A-Level results showed that 41% of its students scored 85-90 RP, while 8.7% gained a perfect score. This also earns them the Joint 5th rank on this list.

#10: Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Key Programmes– Character Education
– Co-Curricular Activities like Sports
– Services and Performing Arts
LocationAnglo-Chinese Junior College25 Dover Close EastSingapore 139745

Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) is a part of the seven educational institutions in the ACS Family of Schools. It was established by a Methodist missionary named William Oldham. When he arrived in Singapore, he was invited to the Celestial Reasoning Association where he discussed astronomy.

He impressed the businessmen in the audience, eventually making him their official language tutor.

This also paved the way for Reverend Oldham to officially open the Anglo-Chinese School in 1886. The school became so promising that it moved to a bigger campus in just eight months. Aside from academics, its students also perform well in sports competitions up to this very day!

ACJC’s cut-off points for 2022 are 9 for the Arts stream and 10 for the Science stream. It also received a mean rank point of 78.5 on the 2022 A-Level results, placing them in the 10th rank!

#11: Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Key Programmes– Special Programmes
– Bursaries and Scholarships
– Character & Citizenship Education
Location4500 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore 569843

Compared to other JCs, Anderson Serangoon Junior College is relatively new. It was established in 2019 when Anderson Junior College and Serangoon Junior College decided to merge. As of writing, its cut-off point for Arts is 11 and 10 for Science. 

And even if it’s still seen as a new school, its students already performed well on the 2022 A-Level examinations. They gained a mean rank point of 75.4 and 35.9% of its students scored about 80-90. It earned them the 11th best JC in Singapore.

The motto of ASRJC goes: ‘Imaginative Thinkers, Caring Leaders’. It only has four words, but it perfectly summarises the organisation’s goal to welcome diversity and nurture creative minds to develop better leaders down the road. 

In fact, they are one of the most inclusive organisations, accepting students from over 120 secondary schools. They provide a caring atmosphere where students can discover their interests in CCAs, join enrichment activities and enhance their leadership abilities, to name a few.

ASRJC is also one of the first colleges to offer a unique academic strand called STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics). 

#12: Tampines Meridian Junior College

Key Programmes– Character and Citizenship Programmes
– Instructional Programmes
– MOE Programmes
– Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
Location21 Pasir Ris Street 71, Singapore 518799

Tampines Meridian Junior College ranks 12th place on the list of best JCs in Singapore. Four students aced the A-Level exams, while approximately 33% scored 80-90. They have a mean rank point of 73.9.

Its cut-off points for the Arts and Science stream is 13 as of 2022.

It was founded in 1986 with a mission that goes: ‘To inculcate excellence of achievement, a passion for learning and a zest for life’. Its vision is to help students nurture their leadership through a holistic education. 

The school’s core values are integrity, courage, humility and responsibility. These things have guided them in forming objectives, courses and instructional materials for their students. 

Once you become one of their students, you will be given the freedom to be truly creative. You’d be encouraged to invent things and pursue an entrepreneurial life where you can unleash your original ideas. 

Aside from that, TPJC students are formed to become future leaders ready to face any economic challenges that may come their way. 

#13: Catholic Junior College

Key Programmes– Education Programme
– Core Subjects
Location129 Whitley Road, Singapore 297822

Catholic Junior College (CJC) is Singapore’s third-oldest junior college. It ranks 13th on the list of best JCs, with 5.7% of its students scoring 85-90 and 17.3% obtaining 80-90 RP. 

This 2022, a cut-off point of 13 for both Arts and Science. 

It is a pre-university educational institution that integrates Catholic ideals of love and honesty to balance meaningful progress in morals, academic excellence and spirituality. 

Their rigorous academic programme is guided by three core principles, including:

  • Collaborative learning to help students develop new skills and find their own strengths.
  • Higher order thinking skills such as interpretation and evaluation
  • Assessment to reinforce learning through assignments and other activities

They have one promise. According to their website, every student who enters CJC will be ‘a thinker with a mission, a leader with a heart’.

#14: Jurong-Pioneer Junior College

Key Programmes– Character and Citizenship Education
– Talent & Leadership Development Programme
– Talent & Leadership Development Programme
Location21 Teck Whye Walk, Singapore 688258

The word ‘Jurong’ and its origin may have been lost in time, but Jurong-Pioneer Junior College (JPJR) has become the symbol of Singaporeans’ mission to make their country a better place. It’s what they needed to help their nation aim for greater heights, eventually transforming it into one of the best countries where a strong economy became possible.

Having the term ‘Pioneer’ in their name also celebrates individuals who made things possible by being spontaneous in their entrepreneurial careers. They want to honour people who did what they had to do even in times of uncertainty.

As a result, it is considered one of the best JCs in Singapore where students are free to go above and beyond. The school’s curriculum allows students to achieve good academic performance while still maintaining kindness and camaraderie. 

To achieve this, they improve the values the students learned as they grew up with their instructors’ impressive academic practices.

Currently, it has a JC cut-off point of 16 for Arts and 14 for Science. And based on the 2022 A-Level results, one student from JPJC achieved a perfect score. The school ranks 14th place on this list. 

Unranked: St Andrew’s Junior College

Key Programmes– Pedagogy Programme
– Student Development
– Academics Programme
Location5 Sorby Adams Drive, Singapore 357691

We did not have enough information to rank this school as their A-Level results for 2022 were not available. You could still use their cut-off points as a guide. In 2022, it has a cut-off point of 11 for Arts and 9 for Science. Based on that, you could consider them to rank about 11th.

Founded in 1862 by the Anglican Diocese in Singapore, St Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) is the oldest JC in the country. It was established when the Anglican Church responded to national education trends during the 1970s. It welcomed its first students in 1978. 

SAJC is a two-year co-educational junior college that accepts top students who have completed their Singapore-Cambridge General Certification of Education (GCE) at the Ordinary ‘O’ level. 

Then, the school prepares them for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certification of Education at the Advanced ‘A’ level.

Their educational approach aims to mould students into becoming servant leaders who are morally upright. However, it does not only focus on academic achievements. SAJC is also known for winning sports and performing arts competitions that earned them appreciation and awards.

Unranked: Yishun Innova Junior College

Key Programmes– Character and Citizenship Education
– Signature Programmes
– Subject Combination
Location3 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 768675

We did not have enough information to rank this school as their A-Level results for 2022 were not available. You could still use their cut-off points as a guide. In 2022, it has a cut-off point of 20 for both the Arts and Science streams. Based on that, it ranks the last among the JCs. But in Singapore, every school is a good school!

If you’re looking for a JC with a wide range of subjects, Yishun Innova Junior College (YIJC) has you covered.

Besides the usual academic subjects, the school offers China Studies in English & Chinese, Tamil Language and Literature, Art and Computing.

Students who are also interested in Malay Language and Literature can sign up for the Malay Language Elective Programme. This provides an avenue for students to truly discover what they’re passionate about and enhance their intellect. 

Teachers are also creative in engaging students. They organise team-based activities and flipped classrooms to make learning fun and interactive.

Unranked: Millenia Institute

Key Programmes– Innovation and Enterprise Skills
– MI.World programme
– Leadership Development
Location60, Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore 658965

In 2004, Jurong Institute (JI) and Outram Institute (OI) merged, giving birth to the only centralised institute in Singapore—the Millenia Institute (MI). 

One student scored 90 on the A-Level exams, while 20 students achieved 80-90 RP. We do not have any information on its cut-off points for 2022. Strictly speaking, it is not a JC. It offers a 3 year programme instead of a typical 2 year programme for A Levels. Usually, it will admit students who were unable to enter into the JCs but who still very much wish to take A Levels.

It is the only one that offers A Level Business Stream, covering subjects such as Principles of Accounting and Business Management. Additionally, a Year Head System was established to develop a strong parent support network.

MI also has a GCE ‘A’ Level program that features a classroom-based learning environment. In the second and third years, the average class size is only 26, allowing students and teachers to interact closely. 

To encourage students in engaging with diverse backgrounds, they can sign up for world exchange programs. They also get the chance to join different sports, thanks to MI’s cutting-edge sports facilities. 

Key Things To Consider: How To Choose The Right Junior College For You

There are a lot of impressive JCs in Singapore with groundbreaking academic structures, so how do you choose the best JC for you? To help you with your decision-making process, here are some you may want to consider:

School Culture

One of the most important factors you have to consider when choosing the right JC is the school culture. Keep in mind that this is usually shaped by its educators, students and the system structure.

For instance, if you’re the kind of student who thrives under pressure and constantly aims for greater heights, find a JC with a competitive environment. 

However, a caring school culture might be better for you if you want to foster your academic growth at your own pace. 

You can typically get a glimpse of a JC’s school culture by attending open houses. You get an idea of the type of students they attract, the general atmosphere of the place and the school management.

Teachers’ Dedication

Teachers play a significant role in helping students achieve academic and personal success. So, we highly recommend that you observe how teachers treat their work during open houses. If possible, try asking them questions about their profession, work ethics and why they love what they do.

Why is this important? Because even if you don’t end up in the best JC in Singapore, you know you’re still in good hands. When teachers are well-trained and empathetic, you won’t fall behind in your studies. You have enough support to push through any roadblock and fully realise your potential down the line!

JC Subject Combinations

Don’t fall into the trap of entering a JC without knowing what JC subject combinations they offer. Remember, this will significantly affect your university plans! You might not get into your dream course if you don’t meet the criteria and subject requirements. 

Some JCs also offer niche subjects like Music, China Studies, Computing, Art and many more. Make sure to check their websites to make the most of your A Levels!

Final Thoughts

As we’ve mentioned before, the best JC in Singapore varies from person to person. Every college has its own share of strengths, exceptionality and offerings that attract all types of students. Whether you’re a debater, an artist or an athlete student, there is a JC that perfectly suits your needs. 

However, if we’re solely going to look at the cut-off points and 2022 A-Level results, Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution are the best JCs in the country. 

You’ve also probably heard how demanding the A Levels can be. It is important to understand how it will all add up to help you achieve the JC rank points in the A Level grading system that you desire. And don’t worry, The Economics Tutor is here to help.

No matter which JC you choose, we are more than happy to guide you through JC A Level Economics with real-world examples, interactive discussions, past A level economics questions and answers and A Level economics notes and Infographics – all part of arguably the best JC A Level economics tuition in Singapore.

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What are the requirements for Junior College in Singapore?

To qualify for JC admission, you should have the following:

– A gross L1R5 aggregate score of 20 and below
– Meet subject requirements such as the English Language, Mathematics and Mother Tongue Language (MTL).

How do I choose a good JC?

Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing a good JC:

School culture – Do you like being in a competitive school environment because you perform best under pressure? Or do you prefer a culture of patience and care where you can study at your own pace?
Teachers’ dedication – Are the teachers deeply committed and passionate about their work? Will they inspire you to pursue your studies no matter what?
JC subject combinations – Does your preferred JC offer the subject combination you’re aiming to study? Will the school help you meet certain university requirements in the future?

Which JC has the best A Level results?

According to the A-Level results released in 2022, the top-performing JCs in Singapore are Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution. They have mean rank points (RP) of 85 and 85.2 respectively.

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