Best Economics Tuition or Tutor in Singapore?

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I do not claim to provide the best economics tuition in Singapore. Neither do I claim to be the best economics tutor.

These are compliments that many students have given to me over the years. Some were very demoralised and hated learning economics at first and I managed to transform that to enthusiasm and good grades.

Brandon Ho of ACJC is one such example. “Best Economics Teacher!”, he said, comparing me with the teachers he had in school and other tutor he was initially with. In his own words “I cannot bear to miss even one lesson.”

I had no idea attending my tuition became an addiction!

Some studied hard but just could not excel in the exams. I provided them with the breakthrough they deserved. One such example is David Vun of SAJC, who had joined some other economics tuition in Bishan before he joined me at Bukit Timah (travelling all the way from Punggol). In his own words “My school teacher couldn’t believe I got an A for Econs.”

A miracle?

Samuel Tay, HCI, said I was the “best teacher in all my 12 years of education.” Gosh, I found that quite unbelievable myself.

(Sigh, I should have charged him more. After all, he is now an accomplished lawyer. :-))

Rozalin Mohanty, VJC said “You’re a really great teacher and I can say that my true economics education took place during your classes.”

Ming Yang, RVHS, who used to come for my lessons with a very sour face (not sure why) said I am “an extremely good economics tutor.” So maybe still not the best lah.

Justin Wong, RIJC, who is now studying economics in the University, said I am the “most engaging tutor” he has had.

Means not necessarily the best but one he would like to get engaged to ???

Best Economics Tuition or Tutor in Singapore? 2 shock

WIlson Lim, TJC, said “Joining Mr Hong’s Economics tuition was one of the best decisions I made in 2 years of JC”.

Xue Min of YIJC who failed all the way in school (despite being my student) but scored an A for her A Levels said I am a “great mentor…major factor in my success“.

There are many more and I can go on bragging but you already see my point. These are what many students have said and not my own claims. You can check out more student testimonials on this website as well as in Google.

I am stating all these because it seems that economics tutors have been embroiled in several lawsuits and some appear to even be regarding who the best economics tutor is and who said what etc. As a district judge stated “There is no need to elevate this to be about who is the best economics tutor, or about who is deserving of that accolade”.

The economics tuition industry is extremely competitive. What is very disturbing is how “dirty” the competition is (at least from my viewpoint.) Over the years, I have been “harassed” by complaints to the MOE by an anonymous party(ies). All these suck up time and energy to deal with….What about those fake reviewers in Google? Fortunately, Google removed most but unfortunately not all. And in the last 1 year, malware attacks on my website and campaigns to sabotage my website credibility by linking my website to Porn sites…You see what I mean by how dirty the competition is….Well, I guess this is the real world….of economics tuition in Singapore. Not pretty…

Honestly, I quite dislike doing marketing. I very much prefer to focus on doing my best for my students and then letting my students do the talking or word-of-mouth marketing. That is why many of my students today are through referrals. As you may observe, I do not take out advertisements and I do very minimal publicity work. Well, this is just my personal preference and I am not trying to impose this on anyone.

But we should really all be competing by providing the best quality for our students, doing the best for them. I strongly believe so and this is why every year, I am focussed on providing new and better materials such as the IB & JC A Level Economics Notes, Infographics & Mindmaps, Economics Concept Videos, A Level & IB Economics Real World Examples, Past A Level Questions and Answers and so much more!!! This is healthy competition that benefits students. On the other hand, unhealthy competition just sucks up resources, drains one of energy and diverts energy and attention away from the students that we should be focused on helping.

Folks from the MOE and from marketing agencies have also observed this peculiar problem with regards to economics tuition. It does not seem to affect the rest of the tuition industry – only Economics. It is quite a mystery and I think I might have finally solved it.

In economics, we learn that firms seek to profit maximise. We also learn of many possible firm strategies to achieve that. Have economic tutors been taking economics too seriously and in a wrong way?

We all need to earn money but we should live our lives with a purpose that is beyond money. Teaching is actually a higher calling that should be beyond the dollars and cents.

Moreover, competition should be principled and ethical. Unfortunately, in the digital world, it seems that unhealthy and unethical competition is easier to engineer and much easier to get away with. Quite scary actually.

So to all these, I would say, I do not know if I am offering the best economics tuition. I probably will never know and I don’t really care. I will just keep getting better for myself and for my students. Better Economics Tuition every year. 😁

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About The Economics Tutor

Founded by Kelvin Hong in 1998, The Economics Tutor is one of the leading economics tuition in Singapore. We provide a comprehensive program to guide students in understanding complex economic concepts and applying them through case study analyses, essay writing and discussion of real world events.

For 24 years, the way we teach JC Economics Tuition (A Level Economics Tuition) and IB Economics Tuition classes helped learners appreciate economics and everything it entails on a much larger scale. We take things step-by-step, implement effective techniques in memorising frameworks and give every student the chance to nurture their ideas. 

We don’t just solely focus on helping you get stellar grades and perfect scores. We make sure that we also hone the critical thinking skills and investment / business decisions you can use outside the four walls of your classroom.

Looking for a fun, engaging and probably the best economics tutor in Singapore? Look no further—check out our extensive and high quality economics resources on the website such as our IB and A Level Economics Publications

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